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Artist: The Roots
Album:  Organix
Song:   Popcorn Revisited
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Black Thought]
Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (8X)

Yo, I wrote this, basement, Never Never Tunnel type portion
Just to accompany some audio distortion
Bust the popcorn, drop it ons my cassette and
Yo Crumbs, umm, how you feel?  I hope it's blessed man
Dig The Square Roots be the setters of examples
Findin mad rhythm in the static of your samples
Quick to make you move to my groove as I sooth
the ear of the listener on the musical
Prisoner G, now you're free you can be all you wanna be
Go where you want or go and see all you wanna see
Because yo, your ambitions I won't neglect
And to them brothers who ain't here, nuff respect
So BROther ?uest, how ya livin, what ya givin black?
To me the brother with the linens and the applejacks;
busy til the break of dawn
The first verse is born I pass the popcorn

Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)
Say what?
Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)

Secondly, I speak for the ?uest from the S-Q-T (Square Roots)
And I'm Black Thought, therefore you know it's funky
The rhythms he recycles sometimes prehistoric
The mic for the popcorn's like metaphoric (it's metaphoric baby)
So many different factors in a ?uestion style
Cause he's the father and he's giving more than one child
The abstract soloist, drummin from the heart
All the way from Philly in the West part
Relax your mind and let your body be at rest
Flow in slow mo', and let the BROther manifest
Now the second verse has been born
I'm Black Thought and I pass the popcorn
On to Kid Crumb I pass the popcorn

Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)
Say what?
Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)

From the Southern section of Philly my affection
affiliates me with kids, from the store to pastry
The Foreign Object, direct from ? with the skit
that be rugged, it was the drumsticks and the buckets
back in the days, now the Rubber Band plays to accompany
?uestion upon the drums and displays mad soul
Soul be the source of the blam Roots fam
as we grow and expand like the afro
With menacing music seriously I'm sinister
I shout, move about, turn it out like minister
Diggin the flip-side when I slide I gets biz with
mad melanin, chocolate, like a chip that's black man
from the dark room with the mad raps homegrown
Knots and knaps upon the dome from thinkin
I'm sinkin in the sound cause I gets and got down
Lettin Black Thought's out of lockdown, buckshot
Lick it to the tick of my measure's on the Richter
Grits getter so grab your sister
I get wreck so check my respect from the wreck
that I've gotten biting this'll make your fronts turn rotten
The original, rock chewer, from a duo
whatever called po' folkers or Crumbs, and his mouth broke
Kids wanna laugh so I blast on your ass to - wait see
Chase me and see if you catch the circular knot
Style buckwild the acoustic boom
Square Root of Black Thought broadcast with the popcorn
It's like that y'all
The popcorn popcorn as I pass y'all
I go..

Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)
Pass the what?  Pass the popcorn (4X)

[ad libs to outro]