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Artist: The Roots f/ Common, Dice Raw
Album:  Rising Down
Song:   The Show
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[Hook: Dice Raw] - repeat 2x
The Show, The Show - it must go on
The Show, The Show - it must go on
I can't stop, I won't stop
I will not, I will rock

The Show

[Verse 1 - Black Thought]
And I'm still the one
Am I a poet, or a prophet or a stone to build upon?
And what's the reason that I still perform?
Feed my children on, how I'm on a hustle from dusk 'till dawn
Where all the love and the trust is born
My eyes wider than a baby that just was born
Fightin' a war they ain't pay me enough to join
Behind a phrase they was crazy enough to coin
You kiddin' me? The pursuit of happiness, life, liberty
and all type of necessities they not givin' me
I put my body in jeopardy, 
'cause I'm committed even though they try to stifle your man creativity
They got plans and hopes of gettin' rid of me
I hit 'em like Ethiopia hit up Italy
Swift than the bullet than killed King and Kennedy
You know the battle is off in infinity now

[Hook] - repeat 2x

[Verse 2 - Common]
I remember The Show, like (?), people quiet was ugly
Yellin', "Get money", now we're showin' we're dummy
Still doin' shows where the spots be bummy
Roaches in the dressin' room, I'm thinkin' of a better room
Maybe The Upper, where my people won't suffer
The leather gets tougher
We drive like a trucker: through the night
For every wrong, makin' two rights
And use mics to reach new heights, the blue lights
Follow, I guess it's the sin of Chicago
The make 'em wanna mess with my tomorrow
In these borrowed days
It's the rhyme and the mind that pays
The world is a Show, you define your stage
One-two, it's live so you can't undo
No sleep 'cause then your dreams won't come true
and every one's like a broad that we run through
Each (?), this ain't gonn' stop
so we just gonn' continue

[Hook] - repeat 2x

[Verse 3 - Black Thought]
The Ernest Hemingway of B-boy poems
They can never take the pen away and leave Roy Jones
pushing a black, you(?) in a new time zone
Nigga knowin' every nuance wit' two eyes closed
The life I chose, more of a mission
I make a crowd convulse and act on impulse and intuition
I've seen the future, listen, believe, the superstition
I keep spittin', 'til it's a truce or crucifixion
Home, in the pressure zone, weakness is never shown
Let alone, I'm a man made of mere flesh and bone
I can't help that my heart beat as a metronome
and I've acquired a taste that's upper echelon
Lyricial professional, maniac megalo
Plate in my head that spin the way the record go
and break it down like it's the walls of Jericho
If they don't know by know, they prob'ly never know

[Hook] - repeat 2x

[Dice Raw]
The Show
The Show