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Artist: Black Thought
Album:  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episode 6/20/2013
Song:   Tariq's Mario Rap
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[Black Thought]
Shigeru Miyamoto hero, you can call me those
From where my inspiration comes, nodoby knows
But I kept my pockets +Double Stuf+ like Oreos
Since creating the digital kingdom of the Marios
It all began on Donkey Kong
He was just a jumpman gettin his monkey on
and tryna save Daisy, was makin him crazy
He's come a long way since those 8-bit 80s'
But who knew in the future he be killin Gombas
And scoopin Princess Peach from King of the Koopas
We threw a cape on his back, and he became Super
These are the life and times of the mushroom trooper
His brother's a coward
Could be divine intervention from a higher power
But Mario defends Luigi spittin fire flowers
And it's weird that it's been all these years
Since he originally appeared, but Mario's still here