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Artist: The Roots f/ Aphillyation 
Album:  Quicksand Millennium 12"
Song:   Roots and Aphillyation Unreleased 
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Yo I trash you, smash you from the state's capital 
All you see is flashing lights 
A whole community ready to fight 
One thousand MC's attack the mic 
Nubians died and came back to life 
Most of ya'll ant to a gaint, so try me 
Don't you see the danger signs? 
Niggas I've dared slimy 
I give the chant and the youth fam a rain dance around me 
I make it storm and thunder 
When you from amongst us 
Dig your boots, roll up the ? on your tomb 
Going with shrooms, rhymes starin at the moon 
I set the sun in early afternoons 
Send out signals to get you back in tune 
All light weight niggas will get vacuumed 

[Black Thought] 
I hit this mid-life crisis ten years before thirty 
And stay in time, fuck fair ones, we fight dirty 
We rally in the shadows of night and strike early 
While your sight blurry, the blind fury 
Fifth cal-vary 
We to the rescue 
Then rhyme battle like them crime battles depress too 
Bullets in the wall of your chest too 
And plus whoever you standin next to 
The ambu-lance will come and collect you 
I ripped you with the dart 
Sect' true with the art 
It's deeper than your classical Mozart 
Your pop or R&B charts 
Can never see Thought flows, is on some Philly shit 
Murder one penmanship, the uninnocent 
Cul-prit, MC's is insulted 
And my affiliates/Aphillyates is high voltage 

[Malik B] 
I walk through the smog with the fog light on in the morning 
No ? without warning, I'm brain storming 
Sketch the blueprint, lookin through tinted to mutant 
Cause disorderly nusiance with pollutants 
Advance on your stance, incite a cobra in October 
Combine minds will take you over even when it's cold out 

Whatever you say don't matter, disrespect and get splattered 
The fact that you sunnin lotta niggas got me flattered 
When they heard it was me, they all scattered 
Notts Family love practice, we cock back for satisfaction 
Pull on wear and bulletproofs is the fashion 
On stings, we stackin 
And fifty raid the crib, we stil clappin 
We tear the club up from state to state 
Bouncin back to the bullet state, holdin the eight 
Like Onyx, we Shut Em Down 
Wack crews, we lay em down 
We all organizing, while you idolizing 
And when the guns bust, it's the bullets that you can't trust 
Kiss the barrel on your knees before I ripped you up 
Aphillyation and The Roots, c'mon give it up 
Wit these lyrics that'll hit you from your nuts up 

Quest the barber, last illest rhyme author 
If I can't catch you, best believe my ill squad'll off ya 
Wit the sparker, seven shot departure 
Five of those caught ya 
Sneak attack competition I taught ya 
Any conflict I come equipped 
Swift with the riot spit 
Makin cats backflip from my vocals in this rap shit 
Where fake rappers get capped shit 
Found in the dumpster with they cap's split 
Double check, you shoulda packed it 
Empty clips ain't never clapped shit 
Retaliation, you lacked it 
Now your back's against the wall, plastered 

Ditto, this is that shit that got six fillin our vest 
?? fillin our chest, cuz when hell's lit, we the best 
You ever heard in this shit, we spit degrees 
That'll freeze, melt, and bring life to the shit 
Yo like atoms we split, eye to eye we sit 
Declare war within, defeatin war with men 
Now who can beat us 
When you was watered 
Our mens tore it down, start settin up shop 
It's building blocks, now the cops can't stop what we got 
It's too HOT 
Locals hassle niggas till they drop 
Get caught up in spots and what not 
But we dead not 
Can't hit us with beams or glocks 
I'm afraid not cuz all the above said and said not