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Artist: The Roots
Album:  Silent Treatment 12"
Song:   Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)
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[Black Thought]
When I met her she was physically intact
Mentally apt to adapt to whatever rap
Qualities that attract a triple-X black
Erotic narcotic from the back
I mean her with the most melodic vocal tone, met her on the avenue
Then exchange telephone numbers at a few
Conversations and vibrations I'd acquire
>From her to set me on fire with Rick James desire
Her image inspire visions of under attire
And never did she gas me about something I should buy her, son
It's time the fella we grew close to one another
She was my sugar sister, I was her chocolate brother
So I never dissed her, painted my picture to hit
But shorty wasn't having it, she said I couldn't stick
It's all copastetic, the Black Thought could never sweat it
Still I could never forget it, just as if she never said it
I contemplated, and then concluded she was bluffing
I anticipated getting nothing but the silent treatment

Searching for some type of sexual sabatoge
To break you out of all your camaflouge
Apparently your message is mirage
Niggas I know would think about a dodge
But my mentals is charged against the odds
Premeditated ep swung upon the kitchen floor
Raising my temperature with bodily allure
Cae mi amor, what? Be a more mature nature
I let you know exactly why they call me Black Thought, y'all
Enter me addictive, fly chocolate like Thai
Cause what I'm dealing with can get the whole world high
And when brothers is half-stepping I get your girl high
But still Amina keeps froning on my
As I enter to intertwine, combine, and blend thoughts
Inbedded with the physical force into your source
You see exactly what I want the rhythm to be
So why you treating me silently?

I take it all in moderation, about my loving situation
With patience was a virtue but I wasn't used to waiting
I mentioned making moves without hesitation
I want this physical and mental stimulation not the perpetration
The penetration of the center as I enter
Intercourse keeping you warm through winter
The source is the word that won't splinter
Enter dimentions of brain tension when Black Thought back ninja
Orgasmic is the music that I send you, love
You know exactly what I'm thinking of, on the L train I'm insane
Recalling when I met you, got your number and name
Wanted to sex and thought you wanted the same, but it's a shame
We could relax, listen to tracks and puff chronic
But only on a level that's platonic
I need a girl that's down forever trying to keep it real
But to shead a little light on her sex appeal
But every now and then it's a shorty who be packing the steel
Shoot 'em down like she hunt me, fronting, the silent treatment