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Artist: The Roots
Album:  The Tipping Point
Song:   Duck Down!
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[Black Thought]
Yea we gettin' ready to break y'all it's winner take all
The game is locked we down to the eight ball
The time is now, it ain't nothin' to wait for
I'm a king by blood a soldier by nature
I'm somthin' like a threat to y'all space cadets
'Cause you never met brother nothin' like me yet
So push another slice into your toast and tighten your vests
Cause it's a warrior you seein' here tonight in the flesh
I give you somthin' high voltage double dosage
Runnin' with these vultures givin' me ulcers
Which one of these hustlers bringin' the thunder
'Riq Geez not another man takin' us under
Nigga please which Philly cat doin' his own thing
Might say black my give you a code name
Round my neck see the microphone hang
Have your lady lips singin' like on soul train
The niggaz that's a problem is minimal margin
The Colonel, Capitan, Lieutenant, General Sergeant
Black, one man army move in on your squadron
You sittin' still you know you a target
You heard you better duck down!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
See me comin' better tuck those chains
Cause you don't wanna feel them thangs
If you want it, you can get it baby
You know you need to get low
Duck Down! (Duck Down!)

[Black Thought]
Yea we gettin' set to get rid of y'all that's what it's headin' for
The underdog knuckle and brawl with the bigger ball
I spit what your wig absorb sicker than sycamore
I'm creatin' a circumstance that you a victim of
The rebel or the renegade out on the quest
The super black man runnin' wit a S on his chest
And stand for the straight struggle to escape the stress
You think it's sweet tryin' to eat, you ain't taste this yet
So make y'all steps precautious into the darkness
Thoughts cold and heartless makin' me nauseous
Gettin' more remorses for what I done
If the lawyers and courts wonder what I run
You see the liberty it's free but just for some
How you a gangster and you scared to bust your gun
For the call, trust your fam' and trust nobody at all
Seein' brothers gettin' struck down
You better duck down!


[Verse 3: Black Thought]
I can feel somethin' for sure, I've been up in here before
A gladiator in a colliseum ready for war
That old timer holdin' his revolver set to blow
Just like a gladiator at whoever stick his head in the door
And one who been through it all, anything go
Rather give it to you straight 'stead of speakin in codes
Cuz man, that bullshit can get you riddled with holes
If you ain't insured than the hospitals is close
You got to go up-town while ya leakin' on the ground
In cases like these, you need to duck down
You're five dollar toys, I'm a million dollar man
Esquire 'Riq Geez go according to plan
I'm thinkin' outside the box, off the blocks
An outside your concept of time, off the clocks for real
Well it's Black Thought your boss DJ
Whatever you brothers weigh that's what ya gonna pay

[Chorus] - 2X