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Artist: Royal Fam
Album:  Black Castle
Song:   Invitation Only
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Timbo King]
Come wit us, we the ones, we the ones
Come wit us, we the ones, we the ones

[Timbo King]
We bogart your state laws
Great malls, over rules, over four scores
Contracts, con you for your tracks, no clause
Cause and effect, alchemist, Malcolm fist
Global war in effect, you could smell apocalypse
Smell like the rain forest
Got diamonds in the hood flawless, sable taurus
Spit a verse, no chorus, you on the wrong turf
One song worth two mill
Yo, red pill, blue pill, still stay focused
Off white lotus, broke us
I'mma dead ya slot time, no spins on the Hot 9'
Aiyo my hot nine, got my whole block signed
Rhyme gangsta, pops was an OG
I'm a junior, my son'll be the third
Let 'em learn degrees, the bees and the birds
The D's on the curb, so be cautious
I fought this for ya, I bought this for ya

[Interlude: Timbo King]
You ain't got to go thru all them trials & tribulations
I got you...

[Chorus 4X: Timbo King]
Let's build, congress amongst ourself
Form an union, come wit us, we the ones

[Interlude: Timbo King]
I don't want you to walk the same path, I walked
Why? I can explain it this way...

[Timbo King]
Notice the Perry Ellis shy Kim, who wears cherry lettuce
Bag a pound one night, watchin' the Goodfellas
The god born on the horn, building, let's go to Tilden
Somebody murdered little Milton, was it a hit?
Or a crossfire, I don't know yet, finish the Mo-e
I'm thinkin' bout the stolen Roley that Milton caught
From uptown, a week ago, called me, to need to know
Meet us near Atlantic towers, them fucking cowards
Wanna see the God's powers, pass picking, all I see is flashing lights
Then I started asking Mike...

[Interlude: Timbo King]
Yo, you think this nigga got bribal, son, word?
(Yo I need this Milton, dead, son!) Yo

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Timbo King]
That's just a brief one for you, right there
I ain't gotta go through the whole history
It's a new world out here for you
Let's take control of it
Everything is in your hands...