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Artist: Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi f/ Sime Auto
Album:  Hardbodie Hip Hop
Song:   Ryder Man
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Bitch-ass nigga
Get your track shoes laced up
Cause you 'bout to be doin a lot of runnin

[Ruste Juxx]
Respect the Juxx when you see this hammer
East coast slang, no country grammar
Raised by the wolves so I bay at the moon
Fuck dime hoes from Crown Heights to Cancun
Stand down, never try to stand up
Lightweight dealers better get your grams up
I ruh-ruh-rock yo' ass, now strike back
Fresh out the pen to the block, I'm right back
(Right back~?) Yeah nigga, right in front of your doorstep
Assassinate, now you know how the rules rep
No for an answer - I don't take those
Caught you lyin when it comes to them pesos
"Rocket Science," the hardest LP
Mulberry Projects, Marcy to LG
Big tommy gun clips and Mobb hats
Sammy the Bull ass nigga, you a mob rat
No comedy, it's action/drama
Twelve inch cock bitch, ask your momma
I suh-swing through your town like Spider-Man
Big burner style, nigga I'm a ryder man

Ryder man - yeah, I'm a ryder man
What? I'm a ryder man, ruh ruh ryder man
Yeah - I'm a ryder man, I'm the ryder man
You fuckin with the livest man, ruh-ruh ryder man yeah

[Sime Auto]
Second time around, weapons by the pound
Reckon I'ma clown on son and hit you up with Tecs
Iron found little and your chest a mess
Slept on mine and now you sleep six feet deep from feet to neck
and spine in ground, you can even fetch your mind in ground
I'm flawless on the steel, pissed off, catch a line from mound
Hold it now ("hit it") catch the timer down
Folger Boy critic, he plan to check the sine around my neck
Sold y'all spit to let you time around
the end of next year? Fuck nah, I'll rep designer sound
Show you how quick my man'll find your town
to polarize, rip your battery out, now step in line
You're bound to get your turn at bat
Who said I ain't the crown? (Son them dead)
Last whose five got death-defyin frowns
Ice grill bums get chewed, wreckin time or found screwed
Float in canal, next to Chinatown punks!


{*scratching "ryder man" to end*}