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Artist: Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi f/ Stand Out
Album:  Hardbodie Hip Hop
Song:   Termin 8
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

B, the BK Assassin
Geah! The Art of War niggaz
BK Assassin
Uh-huh, yeah
I be that BK Assassin
Ruste Juxx nigga

[Ruste Juxx]
Aiyyo I root for the villain, shoot for the killin
Hustle hard, gotta stack loot for the peelin
First name Ruste, last name Juxx
Middle name Crown Heights Motherfuckin Crook
Used to sell weed, now I sell raps
Pussy police still settin up traps
Tryin to catch me slippin but, I will never fall
Big cock in your hole, I was never small
No not at all, twelve inch singles
Hot enough to make you stop, jock when you mingle
Kyo Itachi, he's the producer
Niggaz try to block me? He'll probably shoot ya
just off the GP, track with a G-L
O-C-K, it's France to BK
Look into my eyes, you'll see the realest
Kingston Ave Mafia, cartel killers

Guns in the air, shoot 'em up no doubt
Brooklyn in the motherfuckin house!
Crooks is the ditty wop, bitches let they panties drop
Then they want this black dick up in they mouth~!

[Ruste Juxx]
Back - back with a vengeance, huntin for your head
Leave you slumped in the street, pumped full of led
It's all in the game, same old hood shit
Granddaddy blueberry, son I got that good shit
I don't fuck around, I just buck around
and let y'all punk bitches know who run the town
Trigger finger itchin won't hesitate to scratch it
World class beatdown, you about to catch it
Don't follow rules - homey I break 'em
High yellow bad bitches homey I scrape 'em
Put her on the stroll make her strip for a pimp
Prego sauce, nigga lobster and shrimp

[Stand Out]
I'm like - Bishop in +Juice+, Caine in +Menace+
Once I aim at a lame son his brain is finished
Record labels writin checks tryin to change my image
cause I rap about pain, cocaine and spinach
I got a metaphor habit, spit letters all rapid
To tell you the truth, I'm way ahead of y'all faggots
I can't be stopped like, Biggie in his prime and
niggaz only rep New York City in they rhymes
My committee's on the grind, with titties on they mind
That's probably why yo' bitch actin shitty all the time
I move like a boss, talk like a pimp, fight like a boxer
Niggaz say I live the life of a mobster - nah~!
I'm a beast, I live the life of a monster
Eatin niggaz, motherfuckers need to tighten they roster
Plus I smoke weed like I'm a raste
Rude bwoy I pee in your food and spit in your pasta

"Tryin to catch me slippin but, I will never fall"
"I don't fuck around"  "I be that BK Assassin"
"First name Ruste, last name Juxx"
"Kyo Itachi, he's the producer"