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Artist: RZA (Bobby Digital) f/ Fat Joe, Method Man, Ndira
Album:  The Sting: Bobby Digital Bonus Disc
Song:   La Rhumba (Remix)
Typed by: ThaMasta@WuLyricz.Com

I pulled off with Juanita in a two-seater
Just left the lover, shorty loved it, shit was off the meter
High speed down the block, she had the hammer by Peter
Flipped her tongue inside my ear, I was like shit, mama mia!
Bong, I threw on a smooth slow song
As I stuck my two fingers in between her thong
She was like, "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby"
"Two headache, ah popa chulo, de hablo Bobby"

[Chorus 2X: Ndira]
Esta bueno, por que esta es La Rhumba (Daddy, Daddy, Daddy)
Ven baila conmigo en esta Rhumba (Daddy, Daddy, Daddy)
Esta bueno, por que esta es La Rhumba (Daddy, Daddy, Daddy)
Ven baila conmigo esta Rhumba (Daddy, Daddy, Daddy)

[Fat Joe]
Yo it's the God Joey Crack and Bobby Digi
It looks like these Wu-Tang niggaz beat me to the trizi
They got mami's all over the place
Makin' out with each other and givin' niggaz face
I'm so excited I'm invited to your party
And I'm on the ferry right now with some blunts and Bacardi
Headin' to the Island, not P.R. but Shaolin
Where every nigga got a Wu-Tang medallion
I'm in Stapleton, it's Off the Wall
We puffin' L's in the staircase, the fourth floor
Shorties givin' me brains, she thought she had me
'Til I flipped her over and mad her scream, "Daddy!"

[Chorus 2X]

[Method Man]
Hey, hey, hey..
Uh, uh, uh, uh..
Eh eh eh eh eh..

Hey Butter Pecan what's that lingo you speakin'?
It sound like, let's me and you slide for the weekend (True)
I got drinks and tasty treats to sink your teeth in
Your popi two-way beefin', let him know that you cheatin'
Runnin' 'round indecent exposed without no clothes
There it go (*plug*), Moby Dick and there she blows
You got me covered, girl, and it shows and I suppose
We can play doctor soon as I drop my jabows

[Chorus 2X]