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Artist: Solomon Childs f/ Popa Wu
Album:  Funeral Talk (The Eulogy)
Song:   Fallin' in Love
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (yeah)
That's for my baby... (yeah, yeah, word)
Look at my baby... (uh-huh)

[Solomon Childs]
From the beginning to the end in this midnight love
Yeah, I gotta admit, it was a long time ago
We all grew up around the same way
Monkey bar bruises, look at you
We played double dutch together, and now you like 'whatever'
I mean, you a nice girl and all
You even float like water falls
But this wifey, we talking about
Ain't your homegirl, who we suppose to be talking about
Saying in the back of my mind, you a bitch
Never was no good for, preventing it from hanging out
I wish I cut it, it's aight though
Jezebel, I respect you coming on strong
But really, how long will it last
Or maybe, you just caught up with the fact
That it can just last, or I get it
I'm supposed to be a Slick Rick, and it's a 'teenage love'
Right? Psyche, you need to get a grip

[Chorus: girl]
Could it be I'm falling in love?
Could it be I'm falling in love?
Could it be I'm falling in love?
Could it be I'm falling in love?

[Solomon Childs]
Miss Lady, you know you walking on a thin road
Talking how you in love like Ronnie, Mike, Robbie and Ricky
You see me and my wiz in Ken City
Fronting like you was high sa-ditty
Talking bout girl you know we like family
And to my girl you act nonchalantly
In high school, you was a checker for me
And now you wanna get with me
Telling your bitches, watch when I get him
And whose to say you can treat me better
Keep me warm in all types of weather
I realize you love struck, or maybe you just wanna fuck
Thinking I'mma play willy and keep you and your friends drum
But understand, I got something good already
And I ain't letting it go for something so petty
Word on the streets is if I would only give you a chance ta'
Telling my mans you got plans to be my private dancer?


[Interlude: Solomon Childs (Popa Wu)]
Word... I don't know what's wrong with you
We could of just been friends, man
See what I'm sayin', Popa Wu?
It's like, I be trynna do me
And then I get somebody to come in my cypher
Who wanna mess me around, you gotta tell me something, lord
(I don't understand a lot of things, man
It's just like, you know, I just love the woman to death, man
Cuz that's my whole creation, youknowhatimsayin'
People don't understand, this is 2002
What we gon' do it, when we can't understand anything
That's why people say 'yeah yeah you fallin' in love'
Yes, I am fallin' in love, I got to fall in love with something
Cuz then nothing else is is...)