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Artist: Solomon Childs f/ Cappadonna, Polite
Album:  The Wake
Song:   Clap
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Come on.... stand up Staten Island
Come on, what? What? Going down
Come on, clap, clap, clap
Ya'll muthafuckas thought I was gone?
Come on, clap, clap, clap
Pop pop, muthafuckas, it's on

Yo, it's been a while since you heard the god, thought that I fell off?
I had to hibernate, yo, never that, congratulate the boss
My life's like a movie feature, shit is hectic
The God paint the picture, but you slobs get the credit
You wonder why I'm still on the grind? It's just a way of life
What I got to do to live, this is what I got to give
Blood, sweat & energy, a thug don't cry
Why should I shed tears? Yo I'm in too deep, yo I was raised in
Yo, figure out my movements, federal watch
They said they got the boss snapshots, metal was cop
Catch me, graphical speaker, vision is clear
Could be the reefer, vision impaired, it gets deeper
Champagne, quarter to eight, makin' 'em sick
Face it, we bubble music like we jugglin' bricks
It's a hustle, confrontation we handle
Beef we never worry, cash, we never worry

Pop pop, muthafuckas, it's on...
Murder Island, oh shit, we don't take no shit
Give me the dough quick, we roll so thick
How is it that trespasses ho's get dick
What you know about this, we peep with the four-fifth
You can't see the bulk of it, that's our soldier shit
Peep the bolder fist, we uplift, first niggaz to win
First niggaz to flip, pop the clip for the architechts it's
No glitter, no glamour, no necklace, young & restless
Fuck a VIP, fuck the guest list, we spit lungies
And spark asbestos, we on some next shit, it's the best shit
Staten Island shit, Richmond Road be the exit
Don't get your legs tripped....
Pop pop, muthafuckas, it's on...

[Solomon Childs]
Woola heads representing Staten Island's criminal slums
We got the dirtiest sweatpants, but bit, we got bullets in the guns
Ass full of jums, blood all over my burberry
Do what I gotta do to eat, eat what I gotta eat
The Theodore Unit, got the security
I'm harder than shots of tequila, Solomon
A/K/A killa, deal 'em with the fever
Pop a nigga head off, when I'm feeling the fever
More clips from my motion picture, what's good about it?
And what's bad about it, my ancestors speak Egyptian
Who wanna preview the killings first?