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Artist: Solomon Childs f/ Will Geiss
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   See Me in Blood
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, Killer Mob, Veno what's good boy, Huh
Will Geiss, Harold

[Chorus: Will Geiss]
You'd better see me in blood
See me when you see me, When you see me have your semi because
I'm rollin with thugs
That aint afraid of nothin, Fuck around and press the button on ya
See me in blood
Never catch me ride'n without somethin on the side because
I'm move'n on up
Up through ranks, I got money in the banks or um
Gone have to see me in blood

[Solomon Childs]
Rebel of America, America's rebel
Spit out rug cutters, Aim scopes out of shutters
This be that New York City gutter
Killa Bamz heavy metal, That black Metallica
Boulevard stamina, The marijuana never canoe
Sharp shooter, Trap shooter, Prosecute'n the executor
Up burst the nights with non-stop gun fire
Unidentified suspects that tie you in barb wire
This the meaning of going hay wire
In the kitchen of Hell's fire
Building my empire with blood suckin vampires
Armed with chrome hammers that be spittin that rapid fire

[first five lines of Chorus]

[Will Geiss]
The principle, Used to be invisible, But remain invincible
Til the point to where they think that you aint rich no more
Likely find me chillin in a white tee
Nike's, And a bullet proof right under my wife beat
That's just how my life be, Prayer after prayer
I'll be wondering where Christ be, Damn what I'm sayin
I'm hope'n they he don't stike me while I'm on these night streets
Tryna make somethin out of nothin, Guns bustin
And I'm trustin no one but me, Glock in the front seat
Better be ready for them haters cause they come'n silently
If you feelin just like me, Tell them haters
Tell them, Tell them haters, Gotta see me in blood


[Solomon Childs]
When my family go to church for me I tell em to pray
Cause you never tell if the guns'll spray
Or how the momentum will sway, World War casualties
This a motherfuckin dooms day, Suckers talkin that down play
Prepare for gun play, And I aint give'n no leeway
This my movie and I'm write'n the screen play
Gangsta's protege with appeal, The competition'll kneel
I'm built stronger then steel, Voice box rocks, Stunned appeal
Squeeze weapons, Send bodies through the air
Doin cartwheels, Dedicated to niggas in penitentiaries yards
You stick to them niggas, Bodies leak oatmeal