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Artist: Solomon Childs f/ Monique Howard
Album:  You Don't Want War
Song:   Walking
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[Chorus: Monique Howard]
Do you know
The way you've been walking
How far will you go
Before you turn around and wonder how far you've been walking.

[Solomon Childs]
My Poppa said, My Momma said
You stand tall as a man, As a man you stand tall
See I was raised right
But brothers claim they don't know right from wrong
And they don't know wrong from right
Twisted as it may sound
It's funny how this neighborhood tension pounds
Still the same ignorance
Egotistic shit has got us layin each other down
We used to hustle hard for turn tables and speakers
That's been replaced by cable and beepers
That's been replaced by T-Mobile Sidekicks and Michael Jordan sneakers
It's also been replaced, By Apple lap tops, Apple Bottom tops
Desert Eagles, Please please, My people
Snap, Two step your mind out them videos
Gotta get them greens in those babies bowls
Judgments is come'n, To judge the judges
You know the highest judgment above us
You covered, No, Then check it
Cover me and I'll cover you and think nothin of it


[Solomon Childs]
I know where people go
When they say they go places that they don't go
Coast to coast, Through the Alpines
Chauffeured by Government Hummers
That's what I see for me, And that's what I'm teach mines
To see the same for them
And listen, You teach your to see the same
It'll really help out the game and everyday life we deal with
And I aint sayin it's right, That most steal it
But that's the card that they've been dealt
And they gonna keep playin it, As long as they keep dealin it
Feelin it, So go hard or go home
You only live once, You only get the chance to shine once

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, You know
I dedicate this to the little boys and girls out there who got dreams
Who never let nobody take nothin from you, Try to hold you back
And don't stop you, Push you back, Accomplish things, Word