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Artist: South Circle
Album:  Anotha Day Anotha Balla
Song:   Final Call
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Check yourself)
(You gotta snatch some collars and gotta let them motherfuckers know
you there to take THEM out anytime you feel like it
You gotta get the ground beneath yo feet, partner
get the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you got to
Otherwise you ain't shit) --> Tupac Shakur

Thorough? (Yes Mike)
Are you ready? (Yes Mike)
Are you strapped? (Yes Mike)
( ? ) (Yes Mike)

[ VERSE 1: Thorough ]
Alright, it's me and Mike late night mobbin up the strip
Now ( ? ) up your squad and we gon' see can we handle this
Misfortune in the man or the men who intrude my vicinity
Fool, where's yo enemy?
Dead - d-e-a-d
Now what could you do for me to pull a gun on you?
Well let's see, any form of trickery
Disrespectin me is somethin that you seldom see
I look at Mike, he looks at me
I hit the swisher sweet, wipe the sweat from my goatee
(Damn) Only one block left and it's showtime
Stress on my mind got me wantin to kill my own kind
There they go, do or die, die or do
If you don't get him, him gonna get you
Leave the Park Avenue at the end of the street
Cause the rest of the creep will be done on feet
Keep yo head down low, we headed for the front do'
He's strapped with a nine, I got the .44
So ding-dong, sing a song of some suckers
Gettin served like busters by them SC hustlers
Rushed the fool to the ground, asked him what's up now
Do you recall who was the first nigga to tell you lay it down?
Heard the sounds of a gat, it came from the back
The scene went slow-mo, like ( ? )

- Ahh...
- Stay with me
  Hold it baby, don't die on me
  Don't die on me, baby
- I can't...
- Stay up nigga
  Stay calm nigga, stay calm nigga
- I can't breathe
- Chill nigga
  I ain't goin nowhere nigga
  Nigga I'm here
  I ain't goin nowhere
  I'm with you, fool
  A-ah, fuck that
- Ah-ahh......

[ VERSE 2: Mr. Mike ]
A vigilante, speaks my mind
No one to set trip, everything has been dealt with, I'm left behind
These niggas didn't know me from a can of paint
I wipe the blood off my face, catch me when I faint
The OG that I am, that I was, push the panic button
(Damn, where the fuck is...) and I can hear 'em cussin
Waitin on me to revive
From the slugs that was shoved in my back - will I die?
Is it too late to retaliate? Why couldn't they drag me
Commence to tie my hands up and gag me?
As a result I'm bleedin life or death
As a result I'm seein strife and stress and I can't rest
The peace that was granted me
Could you give it, cause hell ain't no place for a man to be
I'm startin to miss my kinfolks
So let them know that you know I was down from the get-go
I left a daughter to be raised by another man
The black marks on my hands got me where I am
Is there really life after death?
Or did you mean one life to life like I seen on the screen?
A different ghetto walks behind me
I'm tryin to find my homies but my homies can't find me
And as I leave don't you dare cry
Just play the game harder, get smarter, ain't no sorrow as your boy dies

Say hi (hi) to my little friend (to my little friend)
It's 187 (187) when we murder them (when we murder them)
Say hi (hi) to my little friend (to my little friend)
It's 187 (187) when we murder them (when we murder them)