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Artist: South Circle
Album:  Anotha Day Anotha Balla
Song:   Neva Take Me Alive
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Thorough ]
Excercise the evil
Put his body in the trunk of my regal
There'll be no sequel
Illegal acts occur in the midst of my spree
As I flee up the block watchin innocent people drop
Should I stop?
Humanity says yes, insanity's says no
I'm so cold
Tears turn to icicles on my lashes
Flashes dashes through your subdivision with precision
The price of livin has risen like the sun
And the only means of employment is a gun
So I'm done tryin to find my home way like a runaway
Thinkin will I live to see another day?
What would my mother say knowin that her first born
Is the worst thorn in the side of the blue eyed
Demon cause I know that he be schemin
Lock my infrared beam in, now it be seemin
Like surrender is not a choice but a need
I control the way you breathe with my 30 plus 15
Reasons for committin such a act
To be exact: for fuckin blacks
I'm comin back with a vengeance
Prepared to do a life sentence
A menace, finish the world and the universe
For the loot in a bitch's purse

They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive

[ VERSE 2: Mr. Mike ]
Here comes another jack mission
For all you killers in the hood that was causin a suspicion
Into the eyes of an evil nigga
Into the eyes of an evil killer
My time is gettin nearer
I set up shop with niggas like Crime Boss and Thorough
There'll be no witnesses on tomorrow
Now some might say what the fuck is wrong with Mike?
I burn more degrees than Fahrenheit when I'm high
I put the Glock in his perspective
No need to ( ? ), so all this breed I conceive is aggressive
Let's take a trip around the building
It's late at night, the moon is bright, they'll never know I killed him
I wipe the sweat from my brow
My moms told me that one day I'll be the man that I am now
My inspiration is reality
Technicality formality, all types of shit to stack my salary
It's cold as hell on the midnight
Now step into my twilight, cause mass hysteria is all they gave to Mike
The time has come, everyone take position
The longer you wait, the longer it takes to make a quick decision
Somehow it seems that all things aggravates the mental
Sometimes I dream till the next second my life may just continue
They'll never take me alive
The unforgiven, murder has risen

They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive
They'll never take me alive