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Artist: Southside Playaz f/ Big T
Album:  Street Game
Song:   Can't Take It
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Chorus: Big T]
I can't take it no more, these niggaz acting shady
I can't take it no more, and these bitches trying to play me
(I can't take it no more), no more no more
(I need more money more), mo' money mo' money

I can't take it no more, but what the fuck can I do
My rent due, and my status give me deja vu
Man I'm through with this broke shit, I'm ass out
Hoping nobody can notice
My focus is slipping, I'm knowing I'm tripping
Seeing niggaz have it, and I'm thinking bout dipping
So I clip in and flipping, before I end up insane
Especially the niggaz on me changed, they think it's a game
Stop playing, before I do what I gotta do
And I'm laying, dead for taking shit I owe you
So fuck a nigga, I don't give a fuck bout repercussions
Bank job hit the do', bail in busting
Be the one standing tall, the nigga that ain't ducking
Same nigga five minutes later, suffering
Me I have potential, bummy having nothing
Fuck that, Clay-Doe got's to get something


[Mr. 3-2]
I can't take it no mo', gotta get my life in order
Maneuver a lil' smarter, keep my head above the water
My son and daughter, don't understand excuses
Who could provide if I ain't alive, cause then I'm useless
Baby the juices is sour, every close to the ending
To get two G's but please, focused on winning
No pretending how I'm living, ready to go all out
On a major paper route, and I'm nationally bleeding the block
Got it hot it was a plot, cause I had no other way
Playing with brown and white, hoping to see a better day
It's crucial out here, the whole city is infected
With snitches planning rallies, and undercover detectives
It's hectic I'm breaking my back, tied up my shoe laces
Daily caught up catching cases, when I count my big faces
Life is what you make it, and I take it to the extreme
Getting Benjamin Franklins, necessary by all means


[Mike D]
I can't take it no more, my trigger finger's getting itchy
Situation getting sticky, cause the rich niggaz get me
Tired of million dollar plans, falling through my hands
Steady sinking like quicksand, on a quest to be the man
Put a tool in my hand, and watch niggaz get flipped
For the love of the cheddar, you'll get your whole noggin split
I'm starving bitch, in need of the scrilla
Through the do' with the milla, knocking holes in your pill-a
I creep through the streets, while you niggaz count sheep
Dropping hotties in your bodies, with a M-1-3
Don't spend mercy now player, with a slug to your jaw
I need keys in my paws, G's in my balls
Empty out the whole vault, so I can splurge in the mall
Say dog, ain't no rules in a broke man's world
Just let the 2-2-3 hurls, while I feed my baby girls
You holding your nuts, I gotta get this payroll fuck it

[Chorus - 2x]