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Artist: Southside Playaz f/ Duke, Smurf
Album:  Street Game
Song:   Major League
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Hook - 2x]
We major league players, on a mission for our cash
Back up in that ass, kicking the do's down like the task
Ballers boss balling, crawling having fun
Superstars sipping bar, smoking killa by the ton

[Mr. 3-2]
Southside Playaz, balling major league
Hitting homeruns, for the paper yes indeed
Full of hydro ponic weed, hungry on the chase
Back up in that ass, and we wrecking boys face
Paper plates on my vehicle, fresh up off the lot
Giving these poor hustlers, some'ing to talk about
These streets is hot, and burning up like the sun
I'm stacking and saving my feddy, balling having fun
Niggaz don't want none, I could see it in they eyes
Back since 9-9, playing the game 2-thou
Major league kinda guy, continues to steady mashing
Staying on top of all, with my hands in some action
The Governor and I'm taxing, want all the legal goods
Manufactured and distributed, supplying they whole hood
Thoed got it sewed up, like needle and thread
Moving on up in the big leagues, baby we breaking bread

[Hook - 2x]

A major league player, known to provoke the hoes to approach
So nigga get close get a hole, in the lens of his locs
I don't know who guard the fort, when the shotgun blast
We back up in that ass, kicking the do' down like the task
Now all I mash, keep me me street no time for no gain
Big trucks with ceiling air dust, swallow the lane
Fuck bitch getting tangled, bitch it's hope reformed
Be bleeding on the block, like a open sore

Major league players, it be me the brick layer
Money by the ton, I can't see it no other way
I play these niggaz, like I add points and figgas
Microwaves to play, pyrexes to break
You better not buy, no dope for me
I tax for five for fifteen, grams my nig'
The game be shorter, but it's shorter when you fucking with me
Forever I ball, put that on the S.U.C.

[Hook - 2x]

[Mike D]
Less of your game, running flames up your dukie shoot
You never peep my K, cause I'm catch 22
Run with Doe, 3 and the runt of the litter
Bases loaded I step in, like a true pinch hitter
Major nigga, by turning shakes to cakes
Let em hang on the interstate, and use these hoes for bait
Bringing home the bacon, cheddar cream and cash
From Y2K to 3K, we gon stay in that ass

Keeping it heated, all day your paper deleted
Fucking with this young gun trap, rapid fire repeated
My game is thoed, nigga I'm too hot to hold
And best believe when we drop, we gon take this shit gold
Cause game is sold, by the tons the boat load
Keeping my mind on my money, and I'm staying in mash mode
I'm never alone, Y-C-T is my home
Southside Playaz got my back, I know fa sho Corleone

[Hook - 2x]