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Artist: Sean Price
Album:  Jesus Price Superstar
Song:   Director's Cut
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sean Price]
Yeah, the feeling is mutual
You hate me, I hate you, this the part where I shoot at you

(Alright in this scene, the rapper disses you
 Here's the gun, annnnnnnnnnnnnd ACTION!)

Aiyyo, idle threats from you rappers don't move me
I know tough and y'all niggaz straight out the movies

(And CUT~! That was a good one, that was a good one
 Let's get ready for the next shot)

Shorty, you treat it with class, I treat it like dirt
I put my, dick in the ass and my hand in the purse, P!

... oh I can fuck you in yo' ass, fuck around and catch somethin
... but I can't get no motherfuckin call

Aiyyo, it's nothin to throw the gat to you guys, I wouldn't do it cause
Rattin at an all-time high, you probably do it

... y'all niggaz talk too much man, sign a statement
... affadavit-ass niggaz man, feh

Y'all motherfuckers weak and you frail, I'm no fool
I went to war with the Ricans in jail, I'm old school

... peace to Ike, Oz, Agallah
... my man PF Cuttin, all my spanish niggaz, whattup?

Matter fact, I took your sneakers in jail
Cut your cheek, blood skeet, next week I make bail, P!

... word up, hehehe, fresh new Airs
... the white and burgundy ones

Yo chillin in the city is hard
Niggaz bugged out, livin like the city of Gods