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Artist: Sean Price f/ St. Maffew
Album:  Kimbo Price
Song:   Weed & Hoes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sean Price]
Whoa! Good Lord, wooo~!
Y'all hear me? Here we go, c'mon
Woo! I'm goin to hell for this one dunn

Bionic bags of weed, Polo SB's
Red eyelid sly nigga that's Sean P
Illuminate like the room, stupid pigs like the boom
Fight a goon, knife a goon on a nice night in June
Nice weather light sweater grey Polo with the crew neck
Crispy Yankee fitted, Levis, Nike with the blue check
Uhh, due respect, respect due
Respect Skragz 'fore I shoot you and whoever you next to
+Special+, +Got It Made+, +Ed+ucated to 12th grade
Fuck college, Clarence 13X Smith gave me the knowledge
Peep it, Osama, Obama, Obama, Osama
Paranoid cause they name rhyme, dominus schama
P! Illuminati got my mind soul and my body
The blue Ferrari from the Don so the nigga hobby
P! The brokest rapper you know
Laughin all the way to the bank sayin fuck rap though, nigga
I got weed, hahaha

[St. Maffew]
I'm probably goin to hell for this one
I got hoes, plural not meanin just one
Big small short tall quiets and boisterous
Afrodisiacs that love clams and oysters (yes~!)
Shy girls I break 'em out of they shells
and off with they brassiere and pany as well
It's time to get triple X picky
Okay a little bit of +Brain+ like +Pinky+, you get me?
Head start legga race, put her on the track
Pole Position when she place, how qualfying is that?
Ah-HAA! Go girl, go girl
Get that math and bring it on home girl
Chuuch, St. Maffew, Don Bishop
Hop your ass up on your good foot and go and get it
It's hard out here for a pimp
When you tryin to keep these lazy ass hoes in check
It's Maffew!