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Artist: Sacred Hoop
Album:  Sleepover
Song:   Worst Person
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[sample from some other tune]
"... wrench, adapt to '98
 Signal flow forwardmost, we almost dislocate
 We attach the dispatch back to catch the..."

[Verse One]
I've always been popular, get off the dick
hurdle barbwire give your ballsack a rip
to you jellybutt's doin calisthenics to Luke's tape
Good lookin out bitch, good luck on the weight
I'm snotty, I'm in the in crowd, I toldja
Walk into the kegger with a twelver on my shoulder
Wassup, bro? High-five, yo nice rack bitch
I'm stuck up, I'm sheltered and I'm hella rich

I hate you, you suck, you are the worst person
Even if your mother is the holy virgin
I hate you, you suck, you are the worst person
Even if your father is the man behind the curtain
I hate you, you suck, you are the worst person
I hate you, you suck, I hate you, you suck
I hate you, you suck, you are the worst person
I hate you ... you suck

[Verse Two]
I hate that guy, he's a loser he's a dork
He can't get chicks, he's ugly and he's short
He can't play sports and he don't even drink
Don't know the words to the song, don't know why pussy stink
Imagine, walking through life as him
If I was I'd put my fat head in the oven
He'll never be cool, he's better off to join the circus
I kiss myself and thank God that I'm perfect

[Chorus] - new 2nd line - "Even if your mother use the new improved detergent"

[Verse Three]
My shit don't stink and my gear never wrinkles
I've had it up to here with you incompetent people
You know the drill, bring the virgins and cold beer
Don't front on the Messiah like I ain't standin right here
Turn from my gaze as I step in the place
Jerk off on the stand, watch me come beat the case
It's killin me, I swear, all this good food and tight snatch
Be sure where your wife's at cause FOOL I'm just like that

{*scratched in sample of Pharoahe Monch: "Yeah, I said it" - 2X*}

"Gramaui a gramaui, naguz negesti, madhayn allam, madhayn allam" - 2X

[Verse Four]
I was dippin, pickin on nerds in the lunchroom
When all of a sudden I got dumped on, dude
The pimple-faced geek I used to cheat off in class
Pulled on a ski mask and Swiss-cheesed my ass
So now I'm in a coma and body cast
Waitin on this fine nurse to give me a sponge bath
Even when I'm beat I'm still treated the best
It's obvious he did it cause he was jea-lous

[Chorus] - new 2nd line - "Even if your mother never listened to the serpent"