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Artist: (Saigon f/) Bryonn Bain
Album:  The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard
Song:   Reincarnation
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[Bryonn Bain]
Definitions are for definers and not for the defiant
Definitions are for definers and not for the divine
Definitions definitely ain't divine
You can't define anything divine with any definition you can find
What you can find is a long line of defiant
as a definitively lost in mind
Been tryin to define my black behind since before the beginning of, time
Since I sold Earth's solid gold and told her son to shine
Made the moon swoon with the swig of her own moonshine
She still can't walk a straight line anymore
She stumbles in circular motion shaking even the ocean's floor
Back and forth and forth and back
She gets so dizzy she sees, black
She gets too dizzy everything goes black
And once you go black you never go, back
Word, once you go black word you never go backward
You only go black-ward
And the blackest word I ever heard is WE
So I turned it upside-down and use it interchangably, with ME