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Artist: San Quinn f/ Juvenile, Keak Da Sneak
Album:  I Give You My Word
Song:   Pop Off
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[Are you ready?]

[San Quinn]
Give me a minute to get in it
Give me a minute with one of your main bitches
Mental fitness I demonstrate
Right in front of your eyes
Watch your bitch elevate from a five to a nine
Confidence booster all in her mind
And I'm checkin' every dollar and dime
[Come with me]
To the city where my committee chase titties and ass
[Are you ready? Come with me]
I'll show you where the check break fast
And we bust heads fast
If a nigga not in single file
Run up on him single style
Let the thing break him down
You love my methods
Take a nigga off the Earth if he on my shit list reckless
The key copper
Have to eat proper
Bitches lookin' for guidance
Had to be proper
Tone Capone is the beat dropper
The jump off is jumpin' off proper
And it's about to get hotter

Chorus: Keak Da Sneak
[Come with me]
Til it pop off
And you better be ready for the jump off
[Come with me]
Til it pop off
And you better be ready for the jump off
[Come with me]
Til it pop off
And you better be ready for the jump off
[Come with me]

[Keak Da Sneak]
I still rep Walnut Street in deep East Oakland
The 100 block where you can your whole shit broken
Like Mystikal "Still Smokin"
The life ??
And rent free
I never let nothin' live on my mind
I gotta grind [grind], shine
And fight for my grandma
And don't do nothin' stupid like Hammer
Til I go bankrupt
Steady drinkin' til I finish my cup
Then bust ya head before I shoot up the gut
Fresh outta Folsom and proper beef injections
Chosen selections
Cuz girl I ain't fuckin' without protection
I'm harder than erection
Teachers so you study your lessons
And advise for that viewer discretion
On a scale to 1 to 10 I get 11
Give a toast to the pussy like Devin
And beat it up off Sprite and Seagram 7
I've plottin' on a way to get rich
And keep bread out that cock
And all the folks in the hood aimin' for head
Shots of lead poppin'
Situation's crucial
And every nigga I'm wit is feelin' neutral
Fuck takin' 10 paces
And drawin' down
This ain't no Western movie
Roll a Swisher, pass it to Ric
Sat the window wit the doobie
I'm lookin' at booty
Onion ass on the strip
You fine but baby girl where your whip
It's jumpin' off


While I'm outtie on the West
I got the best weed
And the best hoes
I'm on the block at all times dressed in the best clothes
My focus is money cuz pussy come natural
I only fuck wit those that can show me some collateral
I deal 'em all off top
I ain't a child molester or a killer
I don't need y'all props
Shit, if she wit me, she know what it is
We hotellin' and you don't deserve to go to the crib
If yo potna wanna roll she can roll
I ain't gotta touch
I like to smoke and watch you freaky hoes
And I could have my choice
Enie, meenie, miney, mo
Bust a nut, get the fuck
Play it how it go
My main ho called and told me she made some money
I said "Bitch you ain't never come gave it to me!"
How many woman now done wanna get gangsta for me
Gotta be willin' to get down on your hands and stomach
[Are you ready?]