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Artist: Savant a/k/a Stanstro
Album:  Bar Enrichment (S) *
Song:   Bar Enrichment
Typed by: Savant a/k/a Stanstro

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Even through self induced flames and self produced shame
I endure every burn and emerge duly sustained
Converting my blood stains into paint for my canvas
Ink for my Sanskrit
As if my stanzas could stand next to God recited as Pslams
Only because
My bars ever drawn was for every flaw
I'm writing for resolve
For every bar of perfection another flaw dissolves
Absolved with rare form and I thrive in the eye of the storm
Whatchu think they call my ‘BREED “RARE” for?
I dare storm up any and every wall
And make the Orient recall Jericho's fall
Say your prayers: “Our Father”
Eyes watch in awestruck
Star dust
Settles and resides where my palms clutch
Sparks touch
I baptize ears in fire
The same fires that scorched I inspired these rhymes
And I...

Though we're all spawned from distance
All flawed in mission
All scarred and blistered from fires drawn in writtens
All of us God's children
All strong, relentless
All beyond strengthened
Via bar enrichment