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Artist: Scarface
Album:  Balls and My Word
Song:   Mary II
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{*piano sounds*}

I don't really remember ... feelin' like this

- I wish they can see they need Mary

[Verse 1]
In a great day and I'm on it
Coming up out ya
And every now and then I can't help but to think about ya
Hatin' that we ended like this, but I had ya beefin'
I knew what that was missin wondering, and I need ya
More now then I ever did, put in my heart for ya
Starin' at my eyes they ain't shot, wide open
Gotta love forming in my life, for another day
And I thank you for some other doing, just let em' pray

(Scarface whispering)
-Just the only thing, I need Mary
-Sssssshh!, I just need Mary

[Verse 2]
Had me thinkin'
She was the only I'd ever needed
Stick in ground, runnin' round, like oh..never need her
I remember seeing cancer sticks, and smellin' inscents
The intimate, and couch, hoping it's soak sex
And niggas so thick, I had to call her up the same night
Dang, they said the number still is the same
Wouldn't let my friends kill her
Take ya penetentiary chances to be with her, go deep with her
Cheif with her, sprung on the number lawn braud
Once she get you hot in her clutches, you can't run
In the dark, hearing footsteps, and you can't sleep
You find yourself so in love with this bitch, that you can't eat
Paranoia, that's a feeling so scarce(so scarce)
This bitch almost made me need Mary

(Scarface whispering)
-I'm the first one to tell you I need Mary
-Shit, I need Mary

[Verse 3]
Mary, been home sick, I gotta see her
And when I finally hit you this time, I'd never leave ya
Took ya love for granite, I was blind
And I'm hoping you can accept my apology, for this one last time
You can tell that I ain't had her, cuz I can't control her
This hasheesh, Mary I love, just like I told ya
I'm sensitive as I write you this letter, so listen to it
Seeing if you'd be down for a threesome

(Scarface whispering)
-I'm the first to ever tell you I need Mary
-I'm the first to ever tell you I need Mary
-Man I tell ya, I need Mary