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Artist: Scarface f/ Z-Ro
Album:  Deeply Rooted
Song:   Fuck You Too
Typed by: Lil Hustle

You know they always say man, it's tough being at the top huh
I couldn't agree with you more, judge hearted motherfucker
Never been able to fuck with me nigga, ever
Super solid from day one, never put myself
In a compromising position, I'm a chess player
And if I did, I'd just shoot my way out

First born, to my mama
I come from the place, where you're promised
To die, before your 21st
You'd be surprised, what's underneath the earth
Dug dirt, I put bones there
All my enemies, is gone there
I can't sleep, through the cold sweats
Flashbacks, I'm a known threat
God fearing, yet I'm evil though
I think deep, I believe in ghosts
Ever felt the hand, of a dead body
Then you know why, I took my gun and head shot him
Wars started, over dope cuts
I put what I live by, on both nuts
It's either him or me, so I say fuck dude
I look him in his eyes, and tell him fuck you

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
Fuck you, I been running this shit so long
My M.O. is like, fuck you
Them niggaz, been throwing rocks at the throne
I'ma reach out, and touch you
I ain't gotta put no money on your dome
My nigga, fuck you
And everything, you stand fo'
Hoe bitch pussy nigga, fuck you

I live, like I spit it
Raised by the wolves, so my mentality is get it
A life on the street, takes commitment
The power that you gain, gets addictive
The money being made, gets you bitches
A real nigga play the game, like it's bid'ness
A weak nigga facing time, go to snitching
Plotting on his whole team, cause he ain't wanna listen
If it was all good, just a week ago
Take your motherfucking charge, just your key of dope
They all wanna eat, gotta feed folks
Took an oath on the streets, call it G code
That's what we live by, and die for it
I got homies standing firm, doing time for it
Be advised, K-1 scum killers
Downward appoint him, gon' bust that nigga


They jealous of me, cause my shine bright
My grind strong, plus my mind right
My gun loaded up, at both clips
Jump out on me wrong, and meet the 4-5th
No shit, this is music you can drive by
Jeezy only code, when you abide by
Blood burning, in the ash tray
Playing faggot games, and now your ass chafed
Niggaz wearing tight pants, and high heels
Claiming another nigga hood, that is not real
I am still the realest nigga, being heard
Fucking claiming he real, when he ain't keep his word
He ain't fooling me my nigga, he is just a nerd
Nothing but a rap toon, he ain't seen a bird word
I talk that shit, that I can back though
Cause that's my boxing game, I'm in the back hoe
Talk that big six, but pack a double blank
You where trouble ain't, just another saint fuck him...