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Artist: Scarface f/ Avant
Album:  Deeply Rooted
Song:   Keep It Movin'
Typed by: Lil Hustle

If this is love I don't see it, can't make me believe it
You a nice girl, but now I'm a hood nigga on some street shit
And yeah you know me weakness, sucker for some love type
I come from the slums girl, you come from a good life
I wonder what you see in me, I love weed and hennessey
You barely doing happy hour, I ain't never seen you drink
And now that's leading me to think, how I got so close to you
This was just a hit and split, that's what I'm suppose to do
One thing led up to the next, I'm addicted to your sex
You addicted to this dick, every call had this effect
That's what I get I guess, I can't commit that's killing this
You gave me an ultimatum, I'm numb I ain't feeling shit
But must not know who she dealing with, puddles on the pillow case
Tears running eyeline lip stick smeared, hey are you ok
You disobey, you pay for that
When the love is gone, and she ain't made it back pray for that

[Chorus: Avant]
Happened to us, you acting foolish
I'm acting foolish, what we need to do is
Keep it moving, that's what we need to do
Before something happened, we better keep it moving
I'm bout to lose it, we going through it
This shit confusing, what we need to do is
Keep it moving, that's what we need to do
Before something happen, we better keep it moving

I'm just saying, a relationship is a hundred-hundred
It can't be fifty-fifty right, (right m-hm)
Uh huh what, you gon' think about it
(I-yeah, I'ma think about it)
Look, do you want me here or not

Think before you answer that, it's hard enough we breaking up
But after this no turning back, brought this on myself uh-huh
Mistakes I'm forced to live with that, I'm knowing more mistakes are coming
I'm human that's my best excuse, in fact my only one
Tears fall, my kids call
This ain't me, it's his fault
Aw shit naw, we did this
A partnership, with no room for forgiveness
I take the blame take your aim, shoot that shot can't wait to claim
All of this in Jesus name, pray in church to keep it change
I feel your pain, song is sung in the kid life with no me ain't right
Hopefully that one day come, I'll see the light
Can't sleep at night, and I'm wondering who is schooling who
I'm sure you know who's fucking me, cause I know who's been fucking you
We use to be inseparable, I never thought that that day would come
Where I'd take this shit so serious, and you'd get so good at playing dumb you got away to won


You had me I'll admit that, fell into the trap you set
Looking me in my eyes, lying killing me with that soaking wet
Would only let me choke her neck, scratching me all across my face
Telling me that she loves the way it feels, when I'm in it all the way
Sixty calls all day, wondering where the fuck I'm at
Asking me where the fuck I stay, who else I fuck like that
Now let's be honest, you got him with whom you made your promise
And let us not forget, it's her with you I made my woman
I know our days are numbered, enjoy the moments after
And plus in lust we fell in love, the pains of morning laughter
Living our separate lives, a husband's reckless wife
Beneath the questions lie, why was she left to cry
Shoulda left you quiet, but you was out of line
Then I step aside, gotta tell me why
I was everything, you was all I had
Now this is change, and this change is bad make you knowing that