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Artist: Scarface f/ Rush Davis
Album:  Deeply Rooted
Song:   Steer
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Chorus: Rush Davis]
Staring down the barrel, of a colt .45
I'm feeling mad suicidal, so I think I'm gonna drive
Everything is hazy, and I can't see my lane
Demons got me seeing double, in the rain
If I put the pedal to the metal, take my hands off the wheel
Lord if you hear me, steer
Steer, Lord if you hear me steer

I think I need to breathe, cause I ain't feeling right
My conscience just at ease, it's saying live your life
Got everything, I ain't missing much bruh
Got my lil' paper back, I ain't really fucked up
My woman got my back, so I ain't stressed out
Side looking in, you can say I'm blessed huh
The real still intact, got my street cred
Went on with life, thinking that the beast dead
But every now and then, I get flashbacks
Get down on my knees, and I ask that
God keep my head on, cause I don't wanna spaz out
And load back up that .45, and air a nigga ass out


Awaken by the sound, of a siren
Helicopter spotlight, illuminate the crime scene
Crowd gathers round, trying to find out
What the fuck just happened, wait a minute time out
I look at a little closer, at my t-shirt
I see squirts of blood, that's now starting to bleed worse
I'm lost, I got blood on my hands though
And then the camera man, starts to pan slow
Realizing, what I'm up against
I guess I'm just gon' have to face the consequence
Snap back to reality
I gotta think fast, got some mo'fuckers after me

(*sound of running, siren, helicopter, police dog*)

Paranoid, got me running for my life now
Homicide questioning, my mama and my wife now
Parking lot full of cops, got the dogs out
Running chest burning, out of breath about to fall out
Hitting the corner, parked car at the stop sign
Going back to jail, ain't the plan for the alpine
Just to come up with something, so I escape this
Or handcuff fuck that, I ain't finna take shit
I'd rather be, carried by six
Then judges by twelve, get in that cell
Or maybe, they gon' gun a nigga down
Cause they don't wanna, see me in a trial