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Artist: Scarface f/ Akon
Album:  Deeply Rooted
Song:   The Exit Plan
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Akon] Akon, the original Scarface
[Scar] Give me the exit plan

[Chorus: Akon]
Cause I ain't ever change on you mu'fuckers
And OG's spittin' game on you mu'fuckers
You should be ashamed like a mu'fucker
The streets packed with all these lame lil mu'fuckers
Everybody wanna be a hard stopper
You won't find too many ridin' out without a chopper
They end up dead or somewhere in lock up
where somebody will break 'em off somethin' proper

These youngsters think that I'm so cool
They wanna learn the game from an old school
I give 'em strategies to sleep on
So when they put me in the grave they could keep on
Now first on your check list
Be your own man cause your friends ain't shit
They only come around when they need to
Use that home boy shit to deceive you
Remember you don't owe nobody
Niggas put the bite the hand that feeds, that's your body
And they forgettin' how they got there
This is life, it's a game but it's not fair
It's hard enough tryna get by
Day-to-day strugglin' with shit so you get high
And stayin' drunk on the regular
Talkin' dope talk on your cellular
But in this game that's a no-no
The streets ain't the only ones watchin', takin' photos
And life ain't bitches and money
This life's about gettin' this money
Because that bitch is a problem
Can't live with and can't live without her
My advice to you is stay on your grind
Keep that bitch on her back and your bank on your mind, nigga


And we don't talk to police
That's the number one rule on the streets
Cause if you can't do the time, then you don't do the crime
Nigga keep the streets quiet (shhh)
You don't up strap unless you have to
Bullshit with these niggas and they clap you
You gon' revenge somebody?
Let's dig two graves just in case it's two bodies
And never bring a stick to a gunfight
One shot, one kill, you get one life
And shittin' where you sleep ain't an option
People knowin' where you sleep, that's a problem
You got to watch these niggas
They ain't your homeboys, not these niggas
First chance you call sleep, they could murk you
So don't put squares in your circle
Cause these streets don't love nobody
You gotta pay attention to the signs, Johnny
If you a weak nigga, don't try to play hard
Better keep your punk ass out the yard


And don't get fronted, just avoid that
But if you have to, pay them boys back
Cause niggas ain't playin', it's a drought
The border is closed, the cash runnin' out
And broke motherfuckers make the best crooks
Every nigga in the way gettin' shook
You got to play the game by the book
A-fuck around and your life gettin' took
And last but not least, when you make that money
Keep it low-pro, don't say shit, dummy
And don't say shit to your girlfriend
Pillow talk will send your ass to the state pen
Take notes to the game I'm providin'
Stop usin' momma names tryna hide shit
Nigga them feds ain't stupid
You ain't the only nigga tryna do this
Ridin' round the hood in a four-door
Flyin' spur ol' rims, tryna show off
You drawin' too much attention
And then be surprised when you catch a life sentence
The game is a thing that you boys should be proud of
But once you in it, it's hard to get out of
And greed kill a nigga like a gun do
So when you get the chance to make a break for it, run fool