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Artist: Scarface f/ B. James, Monk Kaza
Album:  Dopeman Music
Song:   The Ghetto Report
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Scarface ]
This for my niggas doin life in the trap
Stayin focused, tryina double they paper and give it back
To the hood where they come from, cause niggas need a boost
Cause the opportunities in these ghettos are minimal
It's pitiful how they got me doin time
For a crime that I ain't never committed, the bottomline
Is I'm a black man, so my s-k-i-n is my s-i-n
And unless I win I'll be headed to a cell in the pen
And when I come home, I go right back in
Shit, it's like the hood has got a heartless soul that's cold
These little children die before they old
The situations make a nigga feel as useless as he is
The president's recruitin all the kids
Dyin for a country that he know ain't even his
And mama loses sleep and shed tears

Open your ears all my niggas, this is street news
Broadcastin live from the ghetto, this is street blues
Where niggas dyin every day in the streets, fool
Yeah we on the grind cause our kids gotta eat too

[ B. James ]
I grew up with a dollar and a dream
Strap the silencer on the beam if you try to intervene
The school of hard knocks, all the scholars turn to fiends
No jobs in the city, all we got is triple beams
A dirty game, niggas'll rob you on your team
Police'll set you up and every hour it's a sting
Young niggas lose they life just tryina get some bling
My last name James, so I gotta be a king
Disrespectin the fam and suffer the repercussion
If you ain't talkin money, my nigga, end of discussion
MOB for life, so tell these bitches it's nothin
Don't even come around if you ain't givin me nothin
I live like a boss with thoughts of a made man
You tryina get laid, man, I'm tryina get paid, man
We hustle in the snow and watch for the Raybans
So them pretty boy dudes get popped in they wave, man


[ Monk Kaza ]
Yeah, since I was born entire life has been a struggle
Only got two choices - either starve or you hustle
See, I know what it's like to be broke, man
Trust me, dog, I know what it's like to be po', man
I need help to control this hunger
The streets keep callin, how the fuck they get this number?
Gotta grind through the rain and thunder
That's why I feel it's forever street blues till the day that I'm under
But it gotta be a way out, the plan'd been laid out
It's takin forever, dog, it's feelin like a stake-out
No more short cuts, focus on the straight route
It's been too long, man, it's time for me to break out
Do it for my fam cause I'm the one they depend on
As long as I'm alive you got a shoulder to lean on
I got a lotta love cause my team strong
And fate on my side, so I continue to dream on
Till then