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Artist: Scarface f/ Papa Rue
Album:  Emeritus
Song:   High Powered
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm representin fo' my niggaz on lock, doin time for that he-say
She-say, layin niggaz down on the freeway
Believe me, they need me, cause all these mouse-ass niggaz
comin home too long before they release date
He facin twenty-five years fed time
And he ain't never seen a day in that thang, he bustin head time
Let's keep it real, I got the documents to prove
that youse a snitchin-ass nigga tryin to hide behind your music
You hit the highway, got money the fly way
You phony, youse a hoe-ass nigga that's what I say
And you can quote this and niggaz wanna touch you
Last album I was "Made" this album the motherfucker so
All you niggaz wanna plot against the mob
Since you wanna make it hot I'm fin' to, adjust your knob
I'm high powered

[Chorus: Papa Rue]
Beep beep goes the sound of my cellular
It's the life of a hustler
You know we livin in danger
And dem I treat just like strangers

Real nigga he don't talk about it he be about it, cause he a G about it
I got a problem with a nigga I go squeeze him out
And what the fuck am I gon' talk to the police about?
I'm from the streets doin the type of shit you read about
I got chrome 45's under pressure, and in the dresser
And now you're froze on the stretcher
You wanted trouble, I wouldn't settle for lesser
I'm the devil in the flesh, my pistol is my protector
See my reflection as it fades into black
When I reappear on a nigga it's a ragin attack yeah
And I solemnly swear, any problem I have
I just empty the clip and him callin {?} square
That's on my life because I represent the mob
Since you niggaz want that heat I'm bouts to, turn up the knob
to high power


Bitch nigga you just a dead man walkin, one foot is inside the grave
The other one is in a closed-top coffin
You're still talkin, like you the O.G.
When you was locked down though, you was low-key
Them niggaz told me that they had you in there
and the locals you was workin with the boys in there
And even had the nerve to go and try to talk to the streets
Thinkin that they'd embrace a marked-as-police
And then you tried to sue a nigga, but it got back to a nigga
And when I see him I'ma do the nigga
So skip that funky-ass deposition fool
Since you wanna crank it up, then that's what I'm about to do
To high power