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Artist: Scarface
Album:  My Homies Part 2
Song:   Pass the Itchy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Playa.. Face Mob got fiyah!
(Squab, wit de bumba claat, wanna run up on me)

Pass the itchy to the lefthand side
Fuckin wit me fi sho' the niggy gon' die
Don't miss ya water 'til ya well run dry
Pass the itchy to the lefthand side

See now slang don't stop, my game come cocked
Scarface back at'cha fin' to lock down your block
Easy now lil' homey you don't wanna start static
Cause you know I come equipped I got niggaz with automatics
And these niggaz they keep they game face on
Have your momma singin the same ol' song
Of how you lived so fast and you died, so wrong
But since you ready to ride then come on
Gangsta, live it breathe it and shit it
Makin for motherfuckin sure you don't forget it
I'm a Southside rider, anybody killer
Guarantee ya don't wanna fuck with this nigga
Now, who wanna test me then come on come test
Fuckin with me nigga you fuckin with the best
Grab ahold to the tec, put a hole in your chest
Grab your ass by the neck then lay your soul to rest

[Chorus] - 2X

I been be's on a nigga, put these on a nigga
Squeeze on a nigga, now ease on nigga
'Fore you get peed on nigga, you know what I'm about
I'm a nigga from the ghetto, comin straight out the South
Keep my name out your mouth, 'fore I pop up at your house
Put a bullet in your spouse and set a flame and bounce
I'm the wrong nigga to deal with, cause I be on some real shit
Worst one to play with, so careful what you say bitch
Y'all be on some gay shit, my heart pump the G shit
Don't start shit won't be shit, cause I'll expose your weakness
With a gun at the playground, makin niggaz lay down
And your ass like stay down, the fuck you gotta say now?
Niggaz is silent when the pistol's in they face
And the barrel's in they teeth and they breathin the oily taste
And the reaper's standin over ya heavin can hardly wait
For the heathen to squeeze it and leave you leanin on the gates

[Chorus] - 2X