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Artist: Scarface f/ Vicious
Album:  My Homies Part 2
Song:   Tryin' to Fuck Something
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Vicious ]
I ain't the type to buy you flowers and cards
Out here lovin these broads, I'm tryina pull a menage
The truth is I'm kinda sneaky with it, kinda freaky with it
You got a partner and she down? Baby, she can get it
I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a fool with it
I got my eight hoes and everybody cool with it
You sayin Vicious ain't no playa, what you call that?
She ain't bi, I don't ask 'em won't you call back
I searched the hood up tryina find them hood hoes
( ? ) this bitch jumped out her clothes
You ain't gotta be a dime, just be fine and don't be lyin, hoe
You see me with somebody, don't be cryin and tryina shine, hoe
Stay out of mine, hoe, stay in line, hoe
This is big boy shit, respect the grind, hoe
What's understood shouldn't have to be explained
I ain't your man, so what you sayin?

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]
I ain't tryina hang with niggas, I came with niggas
You wanna talk, I want a hoe to put this thang up in her
No disrespect to you, partner, I got love for you
But all these bitches in the club, you wanna talk to a dude
So I'ma say it nice, so you can get shit clear
Get off my dick and tell your bitch to come here
Okay, you got a CD, I'll call you if it's bumpin
But for now you gots to move on, cause a nigga's tryina fuck somethin

[ VERSE 2: Vicious ]
I walk in the club gettin love cause I'm a made nigga
Hoes watchin, heard that I'm a paid nigga
We got the hood locked, everybody know my name
Hater wanna mug, nigga act like he gon' blow my brains
Is it the watch oir the diamonds in the grill
See, I don't wanna do this, man, I been tryina chill
It's plenty broads, so many brawls shut the party down
I met a nigga, he don't know ( ? )
We tear the bar down, cornrow, we chase it with goose
Bought drinks for everybody in the place that we knew
I spit this yellow broad, I tell the broad to come here
I run this town and I can tell that you ain't from here
Let's get acquainted, introduced myself
Bitch was off the chain, tryin not to lose myself
I ran game to her, got her number, set her free
Said she had a man, I said, 'Tell your man you met a G'

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]

[ VERSE 3: Vicious ]
Everybody ain't no baller, I see you tryin, brah
Tuck that chain and them rings, you see eye for an eye, brah
And I ain't gon' lie, brah, I been in the sky, brah
Since I signed with Scarface I've been all the way live, brah
And I always been fly, brah, and always had a dame, nigga
I ain't no sell-out and I ain't gon' never change, nigga
I love the lifestyle, the drama in the hood
I could never leave my mama in the hood
But back to these bitches ( ? ) when you chose me
I ain't 'bout to be no duck, I'm known how you hoes be
No disrespect, I ain't lookin for a wife
I wanna fuck, bitch, I'm tryina hook up tonight
What you say, what it do, come follow me
Your man ask you who that pussy for, you gon' holler me
Holler Vicious, boo, holler Big Daddy
You remember how we did in the Caddy

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]

[ OUTRO: Scarface ]
It's all good, my nigga
But look, if you see a nigga on the creep, man
And he got a bitch with him
Let him make it
If you see a nigga standin by the bar, man
Shootin at some hoes or whatever, man
Holler at me
But after that, let me make it