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Artist: (Scarface f/) Skip
Album:  My Homies Part 2
Song:   We Out Here
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ghetto slave, U.T.P.
Ya heard me?  Aiyyo Nick, show 'em

Everything was gravy 'til the hurricane popped up
Then the levees broke and had the whole city stopped up
Then it got hectic, everybody split up
But a lot of us sittin in Texas nigga we out'chea
Downtown, we out'chea, uptown, we out'chea
Niggaz that stayed home, you think they dead? Out'chea
Heron City, all bustin heads, out'chea
Niggaz with real charges duckin feds? Yo we out'chea

[Verse One]
Most likely you saw Eazy in Texas
Trashback his brass real fast for a Lexus
The Southwest side, best to be seen
Tuesday night break his ass shake and sip the lean
And if not, catch us on the Northside, take 610
59 it's a short ride, holla somethin out'chea
Whylin in the front with the blunts cause we out'chea
Hopin they don't have to figure out what we bout'chea

3rd Ward, 4th Ward, 5th Ward - we out'chea
6th Ward, 7th Ward, 8th Ward - we out'chea
9th Ward, 10th Ward, 11th Ward - we out'chea
12th Ward, 13th, 17th - we out'chea

[Verse Two]
I ran up into Barstow, took the nursing home bus
The feds pulled us over but they didn't really fuck with us
Causeway to I-10, bad roads, Lafeyette
{??} took a two month rest
Went from the shorts to the projects, the ones in the hilltop
I like it in the hood but that wasn't my bus stop
I made it out to Dallas, mob pimpin, sippin lean
Saw some niggaz from the home team, that I ain't seen
in a month or two, fucked up a blunt or two
But I left, cause I gotta do, what I gotta do
E hit me hard as I'm jettin, it was powerful
Now I'm out of Houston, and Crophead's been doin our producin (yeah)


[Verse Three]
Yeah I'm in Houston but you know that
Nigga like me, old school, new always like a throwback
And when they build it I'ma go back
For now I'm out'chea, you ain't seen the FUCK YOU on my do'mat?
You read my license plate, mad motherfucker
So you know the driver is a bad motherfucker
Swerved on the A-Town, exit off the {?}
Plus my homey from the hood done relocated uphill
And he tellin me, how good that the weed is
The numbers on the hustle, and how we both can bleed it
I'm addin it up and it's just like what I needed
The sweetest hustle ever, of a hustle if I seen it