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Artist:	Scarface
Album:	Made
Song:	Dollar
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[Scarface - Verse One]
I'm bout my game
Can't take shit light
Rich today
Be broke tonight
I duck the pin
Cuz I seek the light
On my grind
My grind's my life
My life's my hood
My home is slums
My boys is deep
Hoes is young
Funk is here
I'm out the way
I stash the cash
For that rainy day
Those days to come
My storm awaits
I save for now
For babenapes
For cars and wheels
For grills and chains
For cows and bulls
For screens and bang
For candy paint
My life done changed
My kids is grown
I needs the bank
My bank foreal
I leaves behind
A name that lives
For years uhuh

Big weed and drink
Rims and candypaint
Fresh shoes and clothes
Keep several hoes
Y'all idolize
Me, I do it for the dollar
Girls slide down the pole
Niggas trick for hoes
We sell tons of dope
I ain't never broke
Ain't my fault that the world revovles the dollar

[Scarface - Verse Two]
I dips to clubs
Gets major play
From major hoes
In a major way
Short skirts and boots
Thick ass with thighs
She said it's yours
Come fuck me eyes
Got hoes with jobs
Got hoes with games
Got freaky hoes
That dance with hey
They likes my style
And I like they ways
She wants what's mine
And I want what pays
I love these hoes
Without my heart
I fucks they mind
Not private parts
They falls in lust
Dick game in truth
She leaves her man
Cuz I keeps her loose
She dreams of me
Just met the chick
She mean to you
Cuz you stressed the bitch
I takes her home
You sweat the shit
She rolls her eyes
Like the exorcist


It's in my blood
Been real for deep
Ain't changed a bit
I claim the streets
I've left the hood
But made it back
Sold cocaine
Smoked and i jacked
Prophets from crack, bought cockpits and gats
Bulldogs and hogs
My life I rap
Put down in words
Dope fiends in packs
My block I love
And they love me back
Homeboys is feudin'
Got hate for none
I rise foreal
I stay with guns
I sleep alone
Cuz I trust myself
Respect for all
But I deals in death
That's real in depth
Can't bite my tongue
I speaks my mind
That's where I'm from
That's how I'm raised
I'm cut from that
That's how I'm made
Can't fuck with that

[Chorus 2x]