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Artist: Scarface
Album:  Made
Song:   Never
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I would, never violate the codes of the streets
And I would never make a promise, that I know I couldn't keep
And I would, never testify, cop out for a plea
Or surrender information on my boys to the police
And you could, never catch me on the block without a strap
And I would, never pull it out unless I'm bouts to black
And I could, never forget my homies dyin for they scratch
Forever pourin out liquor for 'em, God send me back
and I'll, never shed tears, my heart is like a stone now
Never thought I'd live to see 21 look I'm grown now
Never say never they tell me all the time
Cause never means it's forever, but it's never crossed my mine
And I'll, never go broke, I promise I'ma shine
Never come short on my issue, I'm on it every time
And I'll, never be past it, you better gimme me mine
It's my money, and I want it, every motherfuckin dime
No I, never forgot all my struggles in the past
And I could, never forget how to hustle for my cash
And I will, never forget how I felt when I saw Brad
take that first breath and from then, I knew I had to mash
And it could, never be said I went out like a hoe
Never been punked, I'll never let it slide, never let it go
Never ever, never ever ever no
Get on my level hoe, or get a shovel hoe
It's never any question for my manhood I get down
I'll never switch, never snitch, never sit down
I'll never hesitate to squeeze a nigga six rounds
I'll never squat to take a piss, who's the bitch now
I never ran, I never will, I ain't never scared
It's in my bloodline, the realest nigga ever bred
And that's some of the realest shit that I done ever said
And I can die but through my lyrics, I ain't never dead
I'll never disrespect my momma, never disrespect her momma neither
I'll never turn my back on Jesus
I'll never get caught off in the system, cause I believe a
man that follows man, ain't no man, and I'm a leader
Never go turncoat my nigga, I could never trade
I'll never cross my homies out, that I ain't how I'm made
And I never had not one regret, on how I was raised
I'm from the ghetto, where I slung and rapped it every day
Never knew no other way, this ain't gon' never change
Never gon' bite my tongue, FUCK what nigga say
100 with myself I swore to God I'd stay the same
And when I finally got my paper, I was on my game
I'll never talk a nigga down, do yo' thang dawg~!
Never hate a dude for tryin, that's insane dawg
Get yo' motherfuckin money, that's the thang dawg
Too many homies dyin young, feel my pain y'all