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Artist: Scarface
Album:  Mr. Scarface is Back
Song:   Murder By Reason of Insanity
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(Verse One)
Niggas get stomped when they step with that bullshit
If you got a firearm, go ahead and pull it
Cause I'ma put it dead on ya ass when you reach
I got a little friend on my shoulder that I think you wanna meet
A 9 millimeter, that will stop him
Get his ass focused, once I focus him I drop him
Boy you should of known not to fuck with me bitch
Brothers like me will make ???? rich
So if you got something that you think you wanna prove
You better prove it now, cause you don't get a second chance dude
One chance is all you get
And if I beat you to the draw, that's it
Get your momma's black dress and call your family
It's gonna be a murder, my reason insanity

(Verse Two)
I was born with a chip on my shoulder
Now that I'm older, momma's talking shit but I told her
"Mind your fucking business" I love the girl to death
But I don't wanna hear it, save your fucking breath
I know my time is coming, and I ain't gonna lie
I may be scared of Jason, but I'm not scared to die
So when a nigga talk shit, and I buck 'em
Shoot me in the head, put me a box, and just say "fuck 'em"
Later on that day I heard gunshots
Watching niggas running (Aiyo that nigga got shot)
Ran to the corner said "What happened my brother?"
He just laid there shaking, bleeding like a muthafucka
God damn!! "Who would let that off to him?"
Man: Some niggas from your hood, Triple ?????
Get your shit together, we're heading for the village
I think its time to pay them hoes a little visit
Them niggas don't understand me
It's gonna be a murder, my reason insanity

(Verse Three)
Pulled up in a Rider, trailer full of niggas
Mack 10, Tech 9's, all with fingers on the trigger
Backed in the bitch like I was staying
Opened up the trailer, *gunshots* South Park started spraying
Bullets flying everywhere, niggas getting struck
Had dope in the village, but I didn't give a fuck
Shoot the bitch up, then I'ma leave her
If I can't sell my dope, then you can't either
Now here's a valueable lesson to learn
You fuck with mine, you get burned
Headed for the nigga who shot my partner
*Gunshot* Shot his father
Walkin' through the living room tearing up shit
He's loading up his pistol, ain't that a bitch
You should of had it loaded, he said "Come on Scarface, hold it
I won't do it again man" Yeah, I know it
I told you when you take mine, I take yours
Hands in the air, fell to the floor
"Please don't shoot Scarface"
I looked him in the eye - then I shot him in his face
A sucka's way out is to steal 'em
My dad said "Always look a man in the eye before you kill him"
It had to be a murder, them hoes couldn't handle me
"What's your reason man?" - Insanity