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Artist: Scarface
Album:  Mr. Scarface is Back
Song:   Mr. Scarface
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Mr. Mr. Scarface from walking down the block
Out jumps some fiends and steals all his rocks
Pulls out a gun and shoots down all the fiends
And Mr. Mr. Scarface went up the block again

(All I have in this world, all I have in this world
 All I have, all I have, all I have in this world)

Ahh yeah, hah
Mr. Scarface is back in the motherfuckin house once again!
Yea, droppin some of that new
Mr. Scarface Two, on your motherfuckin ass
So suck a nigga dick, or make a nigga rich
Or something, bitch

Verse One:

I don't give a FUCK about the chatter in the background
Niggaz get beat when they step this is axe down
If you don't know, I recommend you check
And ask them motherfuckers, how many heads I put to rest
I play a game but the game ain't roulette
Slangin cane is the thang and I beat
That there's a lot of wannabe Scarfaces
I've heard the name in ninety-nine different places
I'm here to squash it all original will speak
Scarface on your ass from the streets
I left my cut, in fear of a prison term
They wanna put me in a chair and let me burn
But go to prison on a murder rap, fuck that
I refuse to be a visitor in state's camp
So I broke and left behind all I worked for
Either that or be sentenced for a drug war
And many want to know why I've slowed up
It's either that or get fucked
Cause laws get happy on the trigger
Say fuck it put a cap in a nigga
But this ass ain't made for no caps homey
This ass says 'Exit Only'
So I get in the wind but hey
A nigga still sold a quarter everyday
I sat around for six months black
Waitin for the day to make a comeback
And now I'm ready for combat
Mr. Scarface is back

Chorus: repeat 2X

(All I have in this world, all I have in this world
 All I have, all I have, all I have in this world)
Nobody knows my name, they'll only know this face
On the farilla my nigga just call me Scarface

Verse Two:

Aiyyo Bido, drop that shit
Yeah, heh heh
Back in the South Park, six o'clock on the dot
Checkin on my old rock spot
I seen the same old set
Heh, the small timers see me so they jet
Buildin one-twenty-eight
I got myself a bag and I can't wait
To cut em up small to make a profit
Niggaz on the cut short stop it
Fiends'll see em small then they go
Where, to see the motherfuckin pro
One nigga got pissed
And started reachin for his shit
Three-fifty-seven on your ass fool
Like I said before, you don't get a second chance dude
Unloaded on his ass he was hurt
Six shots put his dick in the dirt
Laid him out like a motherfuckin rug
Gettin pumped full of thirty-eight slugs
Some other niggaz stepped out y'all
Aww shit, I had to make a phone call

Hay Jay
I'm in a little trouble man
  Where you at?
I'm out here in South Park Village
  Stay right there, I'll be right on
C'mon let's take these motherfucers to war main

Jay called up some niggaz from the 5th Ward
And came back with a motherfuckin hit squad
Motherfuckin uzi machine
Big Chief packed an M-16
Will and AK with a banana clip
And little Bill had a god damn pistol grip
I hit a little laugh and got me a buzz
And that's about the time they got drugged
One more war took place
You can call me the shit started, or call me Mr. Scarface


Verse Three:

Damn, check this shit out
Later on, all alone, you know what happened next
Another bitch came by to give me sex
It was kind of strange I was thrown off
The last bitch got her head blown off
But fuck I ain'tsta pass up no pooty
She started strippin at the door, oh goody
I got in that ass with the quickness
Fuckin her down with the diznick
I didn't have to pretend I loved her
All she wanted me to do was just fuck her
So I gave it up to the lady
And all she said was 'Fuck me baby, fuck me baby'
I started stroking in an outrage
The whole while I was starin at my twelve gauge
The bitch was makin noise I said I'm killin her
And all the while my dick was hard and he was still in her
I made a nut as she fell to the floor
I heard a knock on the front door
I grabbed the twelve gauge from the bed head
Who is it?  (Fred)  Who?
Who the fuck is Fred, I stood by the door
By that time someone jumped in the window
Now what the fuck was I do?  *bam bam bam*
The bitch packed a twenty-two
Hit him in his head, there she laid him
The nigga standin by the door I sprayed him *automatic fires*
And headed for the back
I seen that same old brown cadillac
It kinda fucked me up at first
Cause the nigga that drove that caddy rode away in a hearse
I opened up fire on the ride G
Who I was shootin for was standin right behind me
I had a double barrel pointed at my ass
Could this be the end of Mr. Brad?
I don't know what happened to the slut
Well that's about the time the closet door it opened up
*kicked open* On your ass trick!
              I'll be damned if I go out like the last bitch!
Heh, five-oh's on my ass main
They know me by the face, but they don't know my last name
Now I'm back on the case
Yeah, just call me Mr. Scarface