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Artist: Scarface f/ Ice Cube, K.B, Willie D (Geto Boys)
Album:  My Homies (Disc One)
Song:   The Ghetto
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I dedicate this to my Road Dogs struggling
I hope this datafies you with peace and all hustling
I'm hustling, like y'all niggaz
Cause you're my niggaz on the realer
Be grinding in the street for stacks and Sckrilla
To the killers, you stay up on your Ps and your dues
And never underestimate what Ds would do
You get your paper then get out the streets
And y'all remember, ain't never let the money and the dope meet
And I can give a shit to a nigga starving
So we can floss and blow weed, one knee with the warden
I'm meeting niggaz on the cut, who don't give a fuck
Survivals, strugglers, hitting licks at the Hippy Club
I'm just a homie out the hood who been did something
And while you're fronting I'm ten years yet I'm still bumping
You heard me homie?! Fuck! trying to cater to the dumb dumbs
They call you NIGGAZ, and NIGGAZ still forgetting where they come from
I bring the real for all my homies out grinding
To help your homie get on his feet, then we're all riding
These things, a tang in this game and that's true
Be sure that you're respecting the Power when they got you
Never forget the neighborhood where it started
This ghetto South Vegas is my hood and my heart's with the.. (Ghetto)

[Chorus: K.B.]
Ghetto, I can't get out of here
Ghetto, I can't get out of here

I represent that South East, that South East is the ?? motherfucker
Big Kato where you at? (One Time!) bring the ruckus
Cause motherfuckers been talking that shit for so long
But now I'm down with the Interface clique and it's on
Give a fuck where you're from nigga
Big Kato always represent it
And I made that for the fact, I lived in it
Now look at me! yep! K.B. still rapping
And for all you niggaz talking that shit, I'm still strapping
As well as slapping, niggaz for all that high capping
Niggaz thinking that they can fade the debt, it ain't happening
When you think we're slacking, that kind of rode is steady packing
The home of the big ghosts, slanging and car jacking
Nigga, I ain't acting, hyphen caught up in this bitch
From the O.P's and all down to the Eastwick
Even Flat Shows, and even the Glenwood is all good
Ball the Cress to Colombia driving it's all hood
The ghetto


[Ice Cube]
I got give it up to my ghetto niggaz, and the ghetto bitch
Looking for them ghetto licks, getting ghetto rich
Knowing that the scheme in the book flipped the game
Quick to get my telephone turned on in my mama's name
This Ghetto slang is some shit that can be colleged
You ain't fucking with this hustler with street knowledge
Nine to Five, still flipping twenties on the side
Driving by the fence, I'm making dollars out of fifteen cents
Got the big body Benz with the wheels on it
A Cell phone with no bills on it
Ghetto ass got to feel on it, still want it
Baby kneel on it, and I can put the kill on it
You got the strap nigga, lie like a singer
Put your baby to sleep, and turn off your ringer 
You can catch me on Bandwick, looking sick in the six
With some Schweiz on my wrist
Now picture this; you better blow
Cause too many niggaz offered Mr. Jackson's dough
Y'all niggaz got to go, to the ghetto


[Willie D]
Fifth Ward is the site, where the fight for life
Dis twice the shiest and bias to my homies who write me in the pen
Willie D, known the cell is hell but keep sending me mail
With the liberty bail, so I can tell you what's the haps
And who got capped for riches
And sending me pictures, of naked bitches
I remember when I used to get beat with extension cars
And been ashamed to show my friends where my house was
Started stealing out of my mama's purse
Now that she's gone, she lives through my songs and it sure hurts
How come we treat our children worse then we were treated in the ghetto?
And turn our women into widows
Sick of seeing my homies that I ate with, dranked with; 
Played with, laughed with, dead in the casket
To my folks we can reach the top
But, you gotta share to get off the pops
But, you see your chance baby, take it
I was the last motherfucker in the Ward at the thought I would make it
But look at me now; sex on the beach in Greese
Straight from the motherfucking streets of the ghetto HUH!