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Artist: Scarface
Album:  The Fast and the Furious soundtrack
Song:   Suicide
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I took my chances, but I did my dirt
And my adivce to any nigga if you crime, then you do the works
Its givin up and step the fuck back
Cuz in this game you can fame
You gotta start dumpin these niggas off your nut-sack
Im just a nigga out the hood tryna have thangs
When I got up on my feet and screamed the brand change
And your excuse was that the money did came
My excuse was that you was to blame
Simple ??, got to show my homies love tho
I just don't fuck around with niggas that I don't know
And you can take that how you wanna take it
Im from these motherfuckin streets, 
and the same rules apply in this game
you never break it
With my motherfucking luck, fallin over the craps
And you niggas who wanna try to attack
We steady dyin over dumb shit, And me im steady losin my sleep
Cuz niggas aint familiar with the rules of the street, and its a

Suicide, its a Suicide
Suicide, its a Suicide
its a, Suicide, its a Suicide
Suicide, its a Suicide

To my niggas on the street cryin then (watch them haters)
If im sittin on the side-line (get your paper)
Too many niggas complaining pointin fingers at the problem
Thats why I hate my baby momma
im just a nigga from the very bottom
skippin classes, throwin 8-balls into white powder
tryna get it, while the motherfuckers gettin good
wit possibilities of gettin out my neighborhood
don't get me wrong, I had them dreams too
But the only thing you do, is get your cream too
Get your motherfucking cream fool
Niggas aint know about the Ange and the Alicks
First you get in, then you get out, you stuck in this game

[Chorus] x3

Now when its over don't nobody cry
Just enjoy while you live life, cuz everybody got to die
When  you see me i'll be hella high, beatin corners wit my top down
Checkin out the chasers in the sky, Shootin paper clips at Jupiter
The more I lie, its like im gettin stupider and stupider
Tryna make the best, out of a fucked up desicion
Im just a nigga with a vision, which is to get up, get out
Gettin my props, tryna stay away from these bitches that jock dick
And move enough to move on, gotta stay true to it
Thats just the way you gotta do it
And these niggas here is really, dazed and don't give a fuck when you for real
And you like it rough, nigga what, the fuck
Know what im sayin is real, now back the fuck up for you get killed
Cuz its a..

[Chorus] x3