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Artist: Struggle da Preacher
Album:  Da Preacher Of Struggle
Song:   Antisocial
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For 21 years of my life
I'm so tired of the shit which takes place in the world
They all like hey you, ya gotta do this
ya gotta that
But what a fuck I owe them?
Mufuckaz just wanna let me down livin' in this shit
I ain't no wanna fuckin problems but me being here is a problem
you know what I'm sayin?
If not then listen to this

[Verse 1]
I'm an antisocial person, don't give a damm about your opinion
The meaning of my life defined by my inner
I ain't tryna clean your mind so don't clean mine
I'm all inside myself this is how I like
you judje my clothes but I feel comfortable
Wearin' them...any one can say something to me
But fuck society and fuck industry
I ain't gonna be inside of this corrupt stream
Few know what I mean and they the same
They feel the pain of the world they know it well
I'm in this freaky game for many years
But i've not chosen the chase for dead cash, fuck you haters
All of ya hate, discuss shit behind my back
I hear it but knowin' that u fake
Just make me laugh cuz y'all share one mind
One thought in many eyes just make u blind

I can be stronger livin' alone and pain
Make me go on each other day
I dont care 'bout other shit you gonna say
I'm anti-social

So you follow me?
you follow what I'm talkin 'bout here?

[Verse 2]
It is damm hard to be antisocial and be all alone
Strugglin' all the time against all for my hope
Sometimes I cry, I ain't hide
Fuck'em who say that cry makes a man weak but it's my pride
I let emotions go out
You care what they gonna say about ya, it make you doubt
about urself, 'bout point of your essence
Whom you blame when you can't learn so simple lessons
My presence here is to be a winner
Winner over my inner by learning fear
It's clear as day that each of us is a sinner
Yet you motherfuckas still tryna interfere my life
I strive...and Struggle is my name
You wanna play your life, NO you fuckin' play my pain
Till I'm dead...and we all gonna be there
We can win one fight but we all gonna lose battle


I'm anti social and gonna remain this way
No one of ya gonna get me
You can get my physical body
But you never be able to get my soul

I'm anti social, emotionally steady
I'm ready to fight I know I am most hated
You hatin' on me, you hatin' globally
But me and my people know how fuckin' lead
Society's about to meet the greatest - whom the tryna defeat
I ain't joke you motherfuckas gonna witness this
Then you admit - all of ya lived like one
soul's leavin' my body, you've lost your last chance


[Talking over Chorus]
My friends, thank you for being down with me
Thank y'all for your support
I appreciate it greatly
Fuck them hard headed ones
I gonna do it my way
Hope now you know what I'm sayin