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Artist: Seagram f/ Scarface
Album:  Souls on Ice *
Song:   Sleepin in My Nikes
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* also on Scarface's "My Homies"

[ Scarface ]
Dedicated to the homeboy Seag
R.I.P. to the homeboy Seag
Still ridin though
Still ridin

[ Seagram ]
Watch out for the police, mayn, cause they after a muthafucka

Yeah nigga
Once again it's that nigga named Seag in the muthafuckin house
You know what I'm sayin
And my realities is the next nigga's nightmares
You know what I'm sayin?
Keepin it real
69 Ville
For life, nigga

[ VERSE 1: Seagram ]
Spent 75 on some cakes
Straight raw, 2.2 was each weight
And fuck the law, niggas on my beeper wanna get hooked up
The colas in the beaker with the soda gettin cooked up
It's all about makin g's, I'm the man
27 in the oz's, the bag weighs a gramm
Walk a tight rope cause the feds is watchin me
Cause I'm slingin mo' dope than a pharmacy
I got it on wholesale, takeover's the target
Straight snow sale, nigga, floodin the market
And I can give a fuck, nigga, if you wanna tussle
Jealous of my figures, you're best to check your hustle
We can get down if you run up
I'm from the Town where niggas get down from sun down to sun up
Gotta watch my back, niggas creepin in the strike zone
Always got my gat, they got me sleepin with my Nikes on

[ CHORUS: Seagram (2X) ]
Every day and night
Livin in the life
They got me sleepin in my Nikes
It's do or die against my rivals
I could give a fuck cause it's all about survival

[ VERSE 2: Scarface ]
Fuck it, I'm high, mentally stuck, do or die
Who the fuck am I? A young killer on the rise
Look in my eyes, you see the vision of a nigga feelin trapped in his inner self
It's fuckin with my mental health
Born in the city where the niggas die young
Mist-covered street corners collapsed where I slung
And everybody standin stiff waitin on the cake
I'm waitin on a muthafuckin break, ain't no escape
Make no mistakes and leave a muthafucka breathin
They all got to die this evening, cause I believe in
You kill a muthafucka 'fore a nigga come through
With his crew makin your nightmares come true
Now who gon' be the first to die cause I'd extinguished your whole click
Gimme the money, nigga, no shit
I'm in your spot with a Glock, down to bomb
On any nigga needin bomb, sleep with your muthafuckin Nikes on

[ CHORUS: Seagram ]

[ VERSE 3: Seagram ]
Gots to watch these pirates tryin to get my treasure
I don't know why it's, but police pressure
Got me feelin like a zero, mayn, no good
But I'm knowin I'm a hero, mayn, in my hood
Now I'm havin dreams of firin at them lames
I used to have dreams of retirin from the game
Now as fast as I got it, I'ma lose it
See, the cash and narcotics made me ruthless
Timer know the real, they heard the situation
'bout the drama in the Ville, I'm 3rd generation
Now they wanna put a jacket on my risen hustle
Cause I couldn't hack it livin in the struggle
Now I live every minute like my last one
Labelled a menace and a threat, and I'ma blast em
Seldom I can smile when the lights is on
And if you're livin like me, you better sleep with your Nikes on

[ CHORUS: Seagram ]

Yeah, uknowmsayin
Keep your muthafuckin eyes focused, mayn
On this muthafuckin game out here
Uknowmsayin, cause it ain't no joke, mayn
Uknowmsayin, cause you never plan to fail
You fail the plan
You feel what I'm sayin?
So keep it real, mayn
And keep your eyes open for these busters
And these snake-ass niggas, uknowmsayin?
Falsely advertisin as a muthafuckin homeboy, uknowmsayin?
These niggas gon' get they muthafuckin character assassinated out here
Uknowmsayin, for perpetratin
You feel what I'm sayin, nigga?
Mob life