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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple f/ El-Fudge, Mr. Eon, Natruel, Wicked Will
Album:  The Becoming of the Disciple
Song:   Big Daddy Anthem
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Natruel]
Yeah yeah, reclining, Big Daddy Anthem, yeah word up
Scratching it up, on the cut, Natruel, killer colonies, Queens niggas, word up
Uh, yo, yo

Yo see this pops more than a salary
But you see I'd rather be rocking the readers up in Pasedina
While my dirty miney's flowing through the cleaners
We standing far from subpeonas
Face it, you either make it or you die when you dream it
Word up, representing nothing but my peoples, words is lethal
And your lies I can see through, blows is feeble
We coming through like a hyperdermic needle
Cus deep in my cerebral it's never peaceful
Therefore I stay illegal, let my raps dispaatch like jakes
When they on a mission, fishing for a description of murderous faith
I ain't no coward, son if I had the power, I'd blow this place
Labeled unstable, navaley struck
Pussy minds get fucked, what
We try to take shit, black strong arm, flex like Aztecs
While you fools are still cashing checks, so move on
Mark of the beast, cutting all forms to pay bills
Now they got us rebels lamping in the hills
We Making pipe bombs, filled with soul chips, burn like rose clips
Bottles explode, making crackers put down, they dome split
Running through your ??? team, locking it down
Like quaretine, from Queens to westside
Peace to Bedstuy, but some they rest live
Leave the Reaper at your bed side
Know the formula, the legacy, the embassy
We got the recipe to stay banging for another century
Though vision is clear mentally, makes no sense to me
Whatever we go is gonna end eventually
Word up, Jameson, word up

[Interlude: Shabazz the Disciple]
Yeah, Shabazz the Disciple, God's word

[Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple]
So let's all sing the big daddy anthem
So let's sing the big daddy anthem
So let's sing the big daddy anthem
Learn the motherfucking words and chant them

[Shabazz the Disciple]
I be the first begotten, to heal your wounds with lyrics
Breathe on your last jewels and cast out your wicked spiritis
My prognosis will leave the crowd under hypnosis
Leading your exodus out of your flesh like I was Moses
Opposes are left, drowning in the fatal flood
They then ??? the thresholds with the lambs blood
This is your last supper, digest it or you'll suffer
Feast on this unleavened bread and that shall pass you over
I'm sober, the spirit of God is dwelling in my bones
My hair is wooly feet, got the brass skin tones
My eyes are fiery, I utter the words of many waters
Once then your riggamortis dropping jewels on how they bored us
Nine thousand ??? pushing us on the slave ship
Grandmamas back bares marks and graves from the whip
Do you hear the voice of the most high of us?
There's about two hundred forty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine of us

[Interlude: Natruel]
Yeah, Jameson, Big Daddy Distribution


[Wicked Will]
Crooked thoughts for those who worship the currency
Clapping you on emergency, moving swift currently
Evicted anybody in sight from paradise
Pay the price, now you on dice, mastermind the heist
At casinos, we Resevoir Dogs like Tarintino
Eyes chino, bloodshot, fiending for the dino
A high jacker looking for crackers ?Ac4? or a Benzo
Smack em up, pull them out the window
I like the wind blow, a fugitive like Dr. Kimble
No need to place the blue steel against your mental temple
The chop shop bless me with cream, plus the buddha pop I steam
Keep my mind like a money making machine
It's sharp like a guillotine, they want to put it hrough your heart
just to kil a fiend
You intervene, son, you better have a iller team
Avoid the casualty, slick personality, the Wicked love the salary
And high priests only wanna burn the beasts that feast
And pack a piece and prepare, for revolution and fear
I take you there, if you remove the shiesty glare
From out your eyes, the angel of death is in disguise

[Mr. Eon]
Spit up and shit up excrement aka your best attempt
And remain a resident of this domain of house that E built
At full tip, vomit, this is how I spill
From kufis to yamakas
My verbal tooleys be out rhyming ya
The more albeit side of me
In this rap game with bite marks and rhyme darts
Your style turn me off like some wet dime farts
The type hearts High & Mighty trilogy
With that funny shit on wax you be spillin, you be killing me
You laughable, I'm unflappable
More incapable, my making beats, certified jackable
I jack off on your slutty productions
What the function, equals two bowel eruptions
The epidemic, but who get's the credit?
MCs get shredded by the diaretic

My mind periphial, enables me to see through concrete walls
And stumbles upon hip hop practicing masonic rituals
I pass the rifle to Shabazz The Disciple
And planets bars on the residents ??? on what the bastards might do
Get a hold of Mr. Eon and Wicked Will
And over heard hip hop being told what it's supposed to be keeping it real
The opperation's coming clear now
There's a full fledged war on the rise, but not with horses, shields and spears
The atmosphere is now filled with satellites
That project objects up a million times like microscopes to parasites
That's Superman's kryptonite, huh
They got us in a position, that you wouldn't even know when to begin the fight

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Word up, we got the Big Daddy All Stars
Natruel, Shabazz the Disciple, God's word, yeah
No doubt, Wicked Will, Mr. Eon from The High & Mighty
Word up my man El-Fudge, Vinyl Reanimator Productions
My man Sean C, no doubt, and Jameson, Big Daddy Distribution