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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple f/ Shurik'n
Album:  The Becoming of the Disciple
Song:   Universal Souljahz (From BK to Marseille)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Bismiallah, ark for heaven, raheem
Shabazz is king where the guns stay all mean
I'd rather more play on tour, the stage is my alter
I don't do sacrificies, but the works of a exhalter
Anointer and healer, of spiritual diseases
The works that I perform they are equivalent to Jesus
Me getting down your narrow path, to the pearl gates
Of heaven, where the crown of the total life awaits
Stomped by the bones of the wicked, dreading our ways
Throught the blood, swim in the waves of the flood
See lady shaft let the wind drive away
Commiting sins by the day, will lead the men not astray
Hey, Shabazz a ruler like the king, I never follow men
I had to rebuild my temple like Solomon
Straight out the lion's den, me and Leviathan are fighting
Like the great Daniel, you had to interpret the writing

[Chorus 2X: Shurik'n (Shabazz the Disciple)]
(That means we robbing from the roots, and we trying to raise the youth
Assassins, scoping from the tower on the youth) Universal Soldiers

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Word, son, cuz only God can judge me and execute the karma for me
And, I hover mortal minds of the men
Come out of her, be not forsaken of our sins
We cleansed, receive if not her plague or her gin
(Shurik'n rhyme) the real jewelry's in the frame
(Shurik'n rhyme) Soldiers been ordained with the accurate aim
And cast the heven in the lake of fire, eternal flame
(Shurik'n rhyme) Sure, we balancing the scale of decision
(Shurik'n rhyme) He who happens to be rich physically will meet the death

[Chorus 2X]