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Artist: Shabazz the Disciple f/ Beretta 9, RZA
Album:  The Becoming of the Disciple
Song:   Wrath of the Lamb
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Beretta 9]
Yo, back up in this...
Back up in this piece, and I brought my piece
Just in case, but I come in peace
Don't need no case, and I hate police
They the beast, they wanna see B9 deceased
But all is real, the last thing on my mind is jail
I would love me some pussy though
But wouldn't like chase and tell, blaming the pussy
See this beat, I can kinda tell, although he kept it moving
It seems he was doing well
Down in the Steuben', he be like 'yo, what the hell'
Heard money got knocked for murder, he was out on bail
Fuck what you heard of, and I ain't be the one to tell
Like, I ain't the nigga to bail, even though
I drink on, while ya'll niggas stink on, 52 in this deck
Money threw his card strong, funky for the rep
But he couldn't chew the beef, most of his teeth were gone
And suffered the gold when he tried to palm

This here style is coffee sweet premium
If it was crack, I guess you fiends would be them
Ducks don't like me, but, what could they do me
Disrespect the Wu-Tang Clan, you blame the tooly
Rhymes are like poison, son, now watch your dosage
I'm like the priest Pai Mei, the White Lotus
Style is wild, it's called the Plum Blossum
Cold grab the microphone, we play possum
Sometimes rhyming may not, be my antiquet
You wanna fight? You best to wear a helmet
It won't take long for me, to break your barrier
Coming out strapped just like a missile carrier
Out of the blue, ooh, I'll fuck with you
When I got my gun, son, I play the buckable
Walk down the block, like a vigilante
Guess I can't stop, until a girl enchant me
Then I step to her, just to interview her
Sweat her for an hour, til I get to screw her
Keep a stack of condoms, inside my cannister
Fuck her on the floor, and on the bannister
Coming back for more, is how I keep 'em
R-A-K-E-E-M, I only drink wine from the finest vintage
I control the whole, don't deal with no percentage
I wish Ol' Dirty was here, wish Ol' Dirty was here
Yo, I wish Ol' Dirty was here, wish Ol' Dirty was here

[Shabazz the Disciple]
As the seven angels part from seven vowels, down from heaven
And they gathered in the place, calling the Hebrew tongue, armageddon
Islamic army treading, wearing the breastplates of armor
The wicked death ain't in karma, they heads are each beheading
And there appeared a great dragon, casting flames
Bearing the ten horns, and blasphemy's his name
The archers bows are bent, the sharp arrows are piercing
The noise of memory, is in the air, and it is fiercing
Many have ran from the place I chose we stand
I agree to walk over the burning coals in the sands
His prophecy was scripted, apocalyptic Serephim
The usher in the judgment, with ten thousand cherebums
As I watched the red clouds hover Babylon
She'll be the next whore that Allah slams the gavalon
And on her day of judgment, no longer will her mighty nation stand
This be the wrath of the lamb

[Outro: RZA]
You got my nigga Moongod on the track, track, track
My man House rocking the boards and shit
Angel Cake with the pretty face, face
Suicide on the one and two, up in the cutty cut
Cilvaringz doing his muthafucking thing thing
Bob Digi just hovering the city
And B9 just dropping it for crime
If you think for a moment you can be my opponent
Step up and try to bone it, you just can't, kid
You must be a stupid muthafucka trynna front with the B-O, Bobby
Nigga, what, ni-nigga, what
You turn my shit down, here, shit, B9
You turn my whole shit up, man