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Artist: Shadow Government
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Every Single Word
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus: The Bee Gees "I Can't See Nobody" sample]
Every single word... every single word you hear
Is coming... from this heart of mine

[Intro: Specman]
Fantom of the Beat...
Queue it up, Simone...
It's time to go to work, baby
Let's go...

Allah just amazed me, feeling is crazy, I'm having a baby
Maybe it'll be a girl and I'll greatfully name her Mercedes
My world's in a turn, wake me, the State's awaiting me
Patiently playing the waiting game and the judge just played me
Enslaved me, nickel on Specs like he laid me
Unborn child asking "Who is gonna raise me?"
I'ma do these years, Mommy hold you down in tears
It's what appears, I'm not able to give, but

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]

One, two, three, now ya four, it's a fucked up feeling
Seeing ya daughter grow up in the visiting room floors
Sick of it all, Mommy throw in the towel, she thinking I'd fall
That's when I reached deep down and I give it my all
Finished the bid, prison saluting the day that I slid
You moving out the cell, be a father to ya kid
Don't fuck with that bitch shit, it is what it is
You out now, you rolling with the Fantom, big cars, big cribs

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]

Daddy's home, chilling with fine ass up in the Beamer
Mommy's meaner, blessed with my second daughter Angelina
Rarely see her, who's fault is that?
Tried to reach out with love but my hand gets smacked
The verbal attacks, government's wack, the Fantom's a wrap
We ain't going nowhere but two steps back
She just see in black, never the light, the struggle to fight
Boo Who beat and the words that leak from the mic just like...

[Chorus 3X w/ ad-libs]