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Artist: Shadow Government
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Good Morning America
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: G-Roc]
Yo, yo, snitches and liars, die a thousand deaths
We need to stop glorifying snitches, and co-signing liars
Only the true chosen few, will stand up
Free Specs, free Dark, free Prez
Good morning America...

I suppose nobody chose this road we roll
We bold, we fold our foes with chrome, we own a throne
Known for O's and bricks, dro's and dicks, ho's and whips
Our soldiers flip, we hope you slip
We open clips, steady smoking potent shit
Tempers popping when it's hopping, watch who you joking with
I own the strip, motion six into ya car
Think you a star cuz you are in the paper tomorrow?
Gun smoke clears, chalk line appears
Don't cross, police line near, bystanders stare unaware
A hood unprepared, crumbled from crack
A train off the track, cocaine attack like I'm aiming the Mac
Slanging the pack, brain in the back of the black Cadillac
With bangers and bats, AIDS is a fact so I'm hanging them hats
Claiming them stacks, Wolf Pack attacks in Stat
Hungry heads holding gats and maps, they creep and they clap
They sneaking in black, they sweeping for that
Putting the heat to ya back for them ki's and them stacks

[Female news reporter sample]
Looking for the killer of a popular West Hempstead teen
Police reach out to the community

[Male news reporter sample]
Even the judge in this case
Calling him quote "The personification of evil"

[George Bush sample]
Yes, I believe there will more violence
They want to kill innocent lives to shake our will

[Female news reporter sample]
A postal worker from Queens, he's sitting in jail
For alledgedly propositioning sex over the internet over the internet

[Male news reporter sample]
There were two more car bombings in Iraq today
At least Fourteen Iraqi's reported killed

Yo, the hood's crazy, a man and lady abandoned a baby
Born in the back of a Buick, and brought in a basket for Paisley
The shit phased me, life's getting rougher
Some mother was found unclothed from below in the back of a dumpster
What must've gone on last night?
It flash bright when the knife was brought to gun fight
Oh, you think you big, man? You take life?
For twenty five years, ya biggest fears, queers, hit the brake light
See the detect's, they flashing the lights
They asking for clues, who's who of the hood
How they homo's be helping these dudes?
Daily news, crooked cop got shot, corrupted or not
They'll come in the spot and they'll rush in with SWAT
Busting the glock, two blocks away, two pots of yae
Two spots, who's hot today? Who gots to pay?
Who gots to lay? Give him some wings, and give up the rings
A stick up for blings, buck his ass if he sings
Dump his ass in the river with Kings, hold down the bings
Blow pounds and pound things 'round the swings

[Female news reporter sample]
One man is sentenced in the murder
of his girlfriend and her 11 year old son

[Male news reporter sample]
They say a struggle with cops did not lead to his death

[Male news reporter sample]
At least ten people are reported dead in storms
That swept the Eastern half of the United States
And over the weekend a State of Emergency was declared

[Female news reporter sample]
Several homes in the city have been destroyed
Nobody was killed, one person was injured

[Female news reporter sample]
Now the man convicted of the 1984 killings
Is going to jail for a very long time
Justice is finally being served

Every night catch it live a five, somebody died
The scene of the crime they find DNA left behind
The sign of the times, ID's are checked online
Why me? Getting swept aside, they fucking with mines
My crimies from back in the days, they back to they ways
Macking the waves on the strip where the action awaits
Packing, jacking, they stacking in papes
Back in them safes, who cracking the case?
Smacking the Jake in the face

[Outro: Specman]
Welcome to America y'all
Straight up, shit is crazy out here
Raise the total alert
Yo, Fantom, hold me down, yo...