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Artist: Shadow Government
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Grind Out
Typed by: Tha Masta

Here's a new term when you fighting it out
When the phone turn off, the lights go out
When you broke, it ain't no joke, you find out
This is it, kid, get evicted or grind out
When you down to ya last slice, looking for bread
Hit the bakery, time for takery, but instead
A turn entire, is a burning desire to get ahead
Now you learning, hence the term to hit heads
Tick-tock, the clock click non-stop in my head
Hit the block, Bolivian rock and Sudafed
Like a star posted up at the bar, I clock digits
You want it, I got it, you get jaw with the di-dick, you dig it?

[Chorus 2X: Specman]
Grind out, Specman, nigga
Who real or who fake, we're gonna find out

[Hook: Specman]
Will my Sha Gov thugs gimme love for life?
Will my head hitter thugs take ya life tonight?


Now, any club kid is a potential stick
Or victory, we call 'em risbees in my click
So. Jersey kids who wanna take the trick
For the kill they want a thousand pills and some licks
You got a ill test of dick, I think, run quick
I'm in the field, son, give you a real one to lick
You could chew it, you could taste it, you could seal it with a kiss
Cuz the gag is when I change the bag on the switch
When the money's in my hands and you step into the whip
When you thought that, what you bought was legit
You said, "Specman, my new connect man to hit"
Then you hang him in ya bag and you scream, "Ah shit!
What the fuck is this?", then you try to call and tell me what I already know
I gave you Tylenol, wanna find out where I'm at?
O.T. Island, and it's Specman, grind out, fuck that!

[Chorus 2X]



[Phone conversation]
Hey Specs, this is Frank from Jersey
What's up? What the fuck you want?
Listen, there's gotta be a misunderstanding
You're talking to who?
I think he gave me the wrong bag
You fucking shorted me $20, you fuck
What do you mean? The bag you gave me, it had Tylenol in it
2000 hits of Tylenol
Well, what do you want me to do with 2000 hits of Tylenol?
Listen, little girlie, sell the pills or mail 'em back
Cuz you're giving me a headache
Ah, man, that ain't right man, that shit ain't right
Man, shut the fuck up!
I'm with the gambinos and shit, man, this shit can't happen
Call 1-900-HEADHITTERS, they'll take care of you