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Artist: Shadow Government
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Run This Town
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Steely Dan "Kings" sample]
Sad old.. run this town, body down
Run this town, body down
Run this town, body down
Body down, body down

[Mr. Prezident]
Aiyo, we bang like B's and C's, red and blue
Act fool, get wet, like the side of the pool
Yo, we all rock heavy jewels and we tote alotta flames
I'm O-T getting it, Prezzy raise alotta 'cain
I'm still pimpin' it, I pimp on alotta dames
You better get focused, aggression is not a game
Sha' Government, will leave your whole body stained
I gained weight, so I'm great, with my shotty game
Apply pressure, and of course you break
Cuz you fake and you soft like a coffee cake
Make you quiver when the fifth come up the waist
Boy, don't make me blow your skin right up off your face
I'm the boss of this outfit, black be on some foul shit
I pop ya, put you in plastic, like a coach get
Boy boy wilding, I'm on that greasy Gatling Isle shit
And I'm on point like a fingernail foul tip

[Chorus: Steely Dan "Kings" sample]
Now they, sad old, run this town, run this town
Now they, sad old, run this town, run this town
Now they, lay his, body down, body down
Sad old, sad old, run this town, run this town

[Fes Taylor]
Slow your role, I send slugs, blow through your skull
We'll send you to the crossroads over your gold
Real cocky, when I'm holding the four, still knock a nigga out
Like, Riddick Bowe, throwing the blow
Yo, a hundred deep go to a show, who flowing the Pro
With Specs and Prezzy, I'm blowing the 'dro
Staten Island, who really run it, you rap bout it
But I really done it, matter fact, fuck you, you don't really want it
Nearly they fronted, I busted, before you killed me
You gangsta, you still bleed, smoking on some kill weed
I'm a Warrior, I rob 'banks', keep more than 'fifty cent'
In my pocket, dollars and wallets, 'young buck'
The tellin' for, papi, stop it, you not it, spitting that hot shit
Bitches, they gossip, the reason he got pissed
Shadow, you thought we broke up, nigga, you smoke what?
Post up, any doubting the weak, rolling in bucks


Yo, you know to act, bossman Cadillac
Force man, foreign, horseman and scorched
Man, reinforcing the Specs, in Boston, we force them checks
Slit necks at the scene on the steps
Rock an invisible set, beget, my neck, to death
Rep the rep, I'm running to wreck, you roll neck
Ride with me through them steps, glide with me through the west
High with me to the death, respect, the Prez and Fes
Breaking bones, toting techs
My Government home is huge, holding hundreds of heads
Who hungry for bread, guns be the reg, and nones being said
Hot as hoochies, hungry to hump me on my bed
Specs spit, by the snitch from a dist'
Spitting Crys', every club, snub rolly on my wrist
Holy shit, somebody say Shadow the click
Barrels big enough, they break bones, and bust bricks