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Artist: Shadow Government f/ Izzy Workin
Album:  Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Song:   Straight Business
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Izzy Workin (sample) {Specman}]
All New York... (baby, oh baby)
{Yo, uh-huh...}

[Specman (Mr. Prezident)]
We travel across and beyond, of course it's the boss of floss
I've paid the cost, I'm heavily armed, them wars you lost
I steadily bomb, slip never, forever it's on
Head hitters, whenever, whatever weather, we gone
Red splitters, you with it, we gon' get it, we strong
Sling pitch on the strip, you a bitch, and you gone
See hot clips, hollow tips, you can riff if you want
Usually posted up, pimping, popping Perignon
Very strong, pushing pack, pollying with Prezzy Don
Getting stacks, setting treasure maps, can you sniff what I'm on?
So swift with the gift, and a spliff of the chron
My bull hits, four fifths, never missing the storm
Specman, a mission I'm on, best of the best
Without Fes, respect it's the Don, as real as it gets
Respect is just gone, see it's the vet, I'm seizing the set
No waving the tech, a lesson to y'all... (cuz I'm a heavy hitter)

[Chorus 2X: Specman (Mr. Prezident)]
Never pay admission, you tripping, we Dom Peri' sipping
Pure pimping, popping victims, and slipping my vision
We getting position, setting in pictures, getting the riches
We wetting the bitches, I'm straight business (cuz I'm a heavy hitter)

[Izzy Workin (Mr. Prezident)]
Everybody wanna rhyme like they live in the hood
Get money, first thing they do is move out the hood
But get, community love, when they was double wood
There's things you shouldn't do, there's thing you should
Put a pool in the hood, where the kids don't pay
Build a playground, where the kids could play
I'ma be a role model like, Mikey James
They really, swept the Lakers in the first four games
I'm still in the hood, I'm nasty like shit stains
I'm, up to no good, got that weed and cocaine
I see the big picture, nobody gon' feel my pain
I been had money, never changed, still the same
I, played the hood for too long, it never paid off
Hustle long nights, it's hard work, no days off
Go ahead, scheming on me, I'ma shoot ya face off
Last week, a thousand bags moved, I'm retail cost
(Cuz I'm a heavy hitter)

[Chorus 2X]